Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rug & Quilt Done!

I was at the Miramichi Rug Hooker's Guild last Thursday & was amazed at the beautiful work that everyone was doing & nearly completed. So I'm going to share what I'm talking about.
 This is Mary Beth's 2nd rug, she's been rug hooking for about a year now! This woman is not afraid of colour & her rhapsody of colour is beautiful.
 Marva's been working on New Brunswick's provincial flower the violet. This is the pattern I've yet to begin, hers looks great!
 Eddie's pansy rug is needle punched & looks fantastic!

 Donna's geese are going to look great with the geese quilt she made last year! She really does love the geese, how Canadian!
 Katie's work is exquisite, her scenes come to life, she's such an eye for detail.

 Love the look of the Briggs & Little yarn.
 Mine is so close to being done, I must hook on!
 This is Bev's 1st hooked piece, her shading is lovely & her sister is going to love this piece as a gift.

 Rexton is getting sleepy...
 She's gone into her sleep mode...
 And again in her sleep mode, look at her belly stripes - those stripes keep shining through!
 Tommy has taken Boris' basket again...as Tommy thinks 'Cats rule, dogs drool!'
 I think he's a good dog for letting Tommy have his way! lol

 Bose's not feeling so good these days, I'm hoping that she's not used up her 9 lives in her 16 years. :-(
 Rexton is in my studio whenever I'm there, she follows me like a dog!
 Doesn't it look like she's laughing at me?!! It's a yawn, she's getting ready for her sleep mode again.
 I worked putting the quilt together & decided...
 That that it needed another block added to the width of it.
I'm so pleased at how it balances it out.
I'm going to add a small blue border followed by a larger red border, photo of the finished top to follow in the next post.

                                                                        My goal last August was to have it finished in a year & yes, I finished the rug August 31st!!

 And I've sewn the binding on my Star Crazy quilt!
 It's been a very full week of completing loose ends.
Bill's arriving this week so I wanted everything tidy & creative minds are seldom tidy! So with everything put away, my creativity is put on a temporary hold as I enjoy his visit with me.
I was told that this is going to be my lucky year! With my birthday this week I turn 57 & I was born in 57...I'm looking forward to this year...the past years have been great too. I may buy me a lottery ticket!

Thought for this week...

You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great week!


  1. I must remember that quote at the bottom of your post Cynthia.
    Wow, you just amaze me with your powerhouse of determination to finish projects. You are very focused and your work always is above standard.
    That quilt is looking fantastic and I just love, love that Crazy Star quilt.

    Congratulation on finishing your rug. It looks beautiful.

    We had som thunder and lightning for a shot time this morning and it rained but not much. It's been so humid these last few days, I'm glad it rained to clear the air.

    Your fur kids all look very happy, especially Rexton.

  2. Oops, I almost forgot. One look at Rexton and my mined goes out. Happy Birthday Cynthia. I hope that you'll be treated extra special on your birthday. It will be nice having Bill to celebrate with.