Sunday, August 3, 2014

Busy Week!

This is going to be one of my longest posts...and this was one of my fastest weeks this year!

I was at Moncton International Airport to pick up Bill & Nicholas for their one week stay at the cottage & on the way home we picked up the tailless kitten in Rexton. I was so hoping that she was still there & someone else had not gotten attached to her before I could pick her up, she was there! It was meant to be! She's mine!!

 Bill & Nick both thought she was cute & Nick carried her to the car.
 I called her Rexton, after the town she came from & Nick calls her Rexxy! How cute is that for a nickname?!!
 Boris did his dog introduction thing & notice she was different. 16 year old Bose just watched,  & those two get along or should I say, she is tolerant of the young one! Bose has already set the boundaries that her tail is not a play toy.
 Come down & play kitty! Rexton has unusually long back legs & can jump up on just about anything!

 She watches Boris...
 Boris just wants to play a good game of 'chase'. lol  15 year old Tommy just watches from a distance, Rexton backed away from Tommy & respects him...those two have some kind of understanding? But they tolerant each other, I was so pleased that everyone harmonized together!
 I made a toy for her & she played away.
Tommy just watched this wee one & all her energy!
 Rexton jumped into...
 And onto, everything!
 She is so curious & alert!
 On her first evening she settled in with all of us, Boris was now OK with her as part of our pack.
 She purrs a lot, so I know she's happy.
 Nick settled in too with his Reeses pieces & ice cream.

She eats only from the dish I set out for her. It's like she knows what's hers & what's the other cats. They all share the water dish with their food & the one with Boris' food.
We all had a busy night with her & now will not let her sleep after 6pm! For such a sweet wee kitten, she sure makes the loudest noises through the night!!

  The Restoration Hardware Foucault's Orb chandelier was delivered & put in the shed last week. Now with the guys here it was time to install it. The box was huge!! Will it fit into the cottage?!!

 Bill carrying it to the door. Doesn't he look like the Atlas Man?!! LOL's not going to fit - Unless the door is removed! Yes it 'just' made its way in with a lot of wiggling to make room!!
The delivery man said that the woman in Moncton had to send hers back because it wouldn't fit through any of her doors!
If there's a will...there's a way!
Installing it was going to be a challenge! No light had ever been installed overhead! Bill did a fantastic job hiding the wires & it looks great hanging off the beam!

It's so open & airy looking.

It's a very large light but is in scale with the great-room. It now gives light to a room that use to be very dark in the evenings. It looks as good as I thought...even better.
Great job Bill! Thank you my handsome, handy husband! XO

That was a big inside for the outside.


Tree Removal

This evergreen looked like it dead & the winds that have gone through here lately, it had to be removed or it was going to fall.
Dellie, our neighbour wanted this dead tree down too & was there to help Bill & Nick get this job done.

 With Dellie & Karen's garden to the east, a hydro line to the south, the cottage to the west...that tree had to fall 'north'. Notice how it's leaning to the south?! Bill & Nick start to remove the lower limbs. It was a large tree. I took pictures from the house as the mosquitoes were really biting & I use the spray only when I have to.

 Limb removal, Bill bought a new chainsaw, knowing how many trees have to be cleaned up on our property.
 Our neighbour Dellie has been cutting wood for weeks, you can see it in the background. Bill begins the cutting for the direction of the fall. He would spend his summer months with his grandpa, at his place in northern Ontario & would be cutting trees with him for the winter firewood.

 The air was filled with the sound of the chainsaw.
 The tree was full of sap!!! The chainsaw was getting clogged, there's a time of the month that it's best to cut down a sap tree? Who knew?!

 Now the strategy begins as Dellie, Nick, & Bill make their plans.
 OK the plan is made. Rope the tree, Nick that's your job! Bill get the JD tractor, Nellie will be on the large digger.
 The yard is buzzing with the plans!  So were the mosquitoes! lol
 Nick climbs into the tree...
 High enough, tie the rope around it! ...

 Now to get down...
 Nick will later find out that he's allergic to pine trees, something he forgot about!!
 Nick is done...
Now with that rope attached...

 Dellie takes his position...
 Not allowing the tree to fall towards the powerline...
 He's ready!

 Bill continues cutting the wedge out of the tree...
 That sap was a problem...
 Then he starts cutting it from the back?!!
 I'm getting nervous as I've never seen a tree cut down!
 OK - Places everyone...
 Dellie pushes...

Nick pulls with the JD tractor...the rope breaks were it was tied!
 With the rope tied again, Bill continues to cut, nick pulls, Dellie pushes...
 It's going down!!! I moved the camera to get the whole picture in! How exciting to watch & pray that all goes as planned!
 Yes!!!It's down, right where they wanted it!
 Dead tree, but Dellie said it will make good firewood.
 It's a large tree, Bill looks so small next to it!

 Dellie & Bill having a look...
 Nick & Boris join in.
 Now the job of removing the tree...
 Dellie's pile look good in the background. He & his wife Margie heat with wood through the winter.

 Nick starts limb removal
 Bill joins in, those two worked till dusk!

 Meanwhile back with momma....

 Boris watched Rexton play in the crate that she arrived in.
 He too was crate trained as a puppy.

 Then I couldn't find her, she was fast asleep on the table!!
 How sweet but back in your crate/crib!!

The buzz of the chainsaw went on all evening. The trailer was used to get all the branches collected for a beach bonfire when everyone is together for Thanksgiving.

 Look at all the vechiles & equipment! The lawn will never be the same!
 See the hummingbird feeder in the foreground? Well the hummingbirds were not afraid of the noise nor the activity, they just would fly & sip through it!

 The last of the branches!
 The trunk was too full of sap to cut down. It was pushed into the woods to dry up naturally.

 Look at the length of those legs!!
I was making plarn for a shopping bag I'm still making, she just played with the plastic then was too tiered & snoozed.

 Now for the trunk removal!! Wow this rural living has been a huge learning curve for me!

 Dellie braced the digger & started to claw away at the grass...

 The roots started popping out of the ground!
 Nick & Bill now equipped with their netting on, to keep the mosquitoes off!
 The roots were chopped off & put in the bucket of the JD tractor.

 The digging & root cutting went on for hours!

 Dellie gets down to assess the progress...

 Yess it is time for the trunk!

 With the trunk now gone, there's a crater hole  in the lawn...
 Where a tree use to be!

 More root removal...

 What a huge job, two days & many hours with this trio working together!

 All that work & noise & Rexton just snoozed through it. She seems to enjoy my hooked rug even if it's not finished yet! lol
 I was at the thrift store & purchased a blanket for her crate/crib & the dollar store for some toys, the collar was way too big!

 She's so precious!

 I've got tell you the story that aged me!!

Bill & I were going into town & on the way out we took the garbage out to the bin. As Bill was putting the garbage in the bin I saw a hawk fly over with a small black thing with legs my kitten!!! OMG is it Rexton, the screen door was coming loose & had detached from the bottom. NO please no. I told Bill what I had just saw & he asked if I wanted to go back to the cottage to check. Yes!! I wanted to & as Nick & I called for her & looked for her, we could not find her. My throat was growing thick & I wanted to cry, how could this be. We checked every floor & all her sleeping spots, she was not to be found!! Then Nick called me, Rexton was sound asleep on a chair pushed under the table. Oh thank goodness!!! Bill fixed the screen that evening. The hawk must have taken one of the feral kittens, oh the food chain can be cruel but sadly it's nature & survival.

 This little kitten has only been here a week...
 I've grown so fond of her!

 I've been keeping her crib in my studio...
 She goes into the open crate...
 Snoozes for hours!

 She too loves the sound of the sewing machine! lol

 But anytime after 6pm...she's not allowed to sleep!!


Well Deb, I got my Crazy Star quilt done!!!
Not without some challenges!
 Nick has such a great eye! He noticed that two of my blocks - corner blocks were horizontal, instead of vertical.
 Well I could make it right, right after I unsewed & placed them correctly!
I'm glad he noticed it before I had it all machine quilted - then noticed!

 It's together & I'm really pleased with it. Now it's ready for the longarm quilter Bev, who is now a rug hooker too!

 Close up of the stars...Star Crazy for sure!
Flying free in the breezy shore air. And now I'm free to start another project!

Thank you for stopping by, it was a long post but it was a full week! A new kitten, tree removal, chandelier installed, and a wonderful visit with Bill & Nicholas!


  1. Rexton is so sweet - it's dangerous being around kittens isn't it, they steal your heart :). Your new chandelier is gorgeous and so appropriate for the space. Lovely! Wow, your "guys" do get a workout when they visit, what a lot of work! Thanks for all the pics. Your crazy stars quilt top is gorgeous - well done!!

  2. Cynthia what a busy week this was for you guys....
    That big chandelier looks elegant. You're lucky it passed through the door. It's huge but like you said, it's in scale to the great room.

    I always hate having to remove trees in the yard and it's such a big job. Several years ago we had to remove three large maple trees from the back yard after an ice storm damaged them and we were concerned that they might fall on the house.

    I can't see the mistake from the photos but I'm glad that Nick picked up the mistake in time. I have to learn how to sew points as I have a quilt all cut up from several years ago and I put it away because I had difficulty getting sewing my points to evenly. I don't have much leisure time to quilt so it will have to wait.

    I'm so glad that Rexton had adapted to your home. That kitty sure has big paws.

    Happy New Brunswick Day.

  3. Yes, your star quilt is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Your new baby is sweet, so glad she fit in..... I miss hooking & hope to get back before the summer is over.... every thing is on hold waiting for results of biopsys
    take care & I love catching up with your life on here...

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