Friday, August 22, 2014

Fun At The Napan Fair

Last weekend was spent with friends at the Napan Fair. I've attended it for three years now and every time it has rained! This year I wore my Coach rubber boots & was very thankful I did as mud was everywhere, such a city girl! lol

This is what these two did whilst I visited the fair! lol
 Rexton & Boris having an afternoon snooze.

 Mary Beth purchasing some yummy onion rings from a vendor.

 Then it was onto watching the wagon competition.

 The ground was very mucky...

 But nothing stopped the show!

 This was the winning wagon in the end!

 It really was a sight to see, I've no idea on how things are judged during these events...

 But I'm always in awe at the beauty of the horses & the commitment of those driving them.
 The winner!
 Gorgeous black beauties to watch.

It was rainy & cool, so we took to looking at the crafts. I saw this beautifully knitted vest that had my attention from the first sighting of it! I tried it on over my denim jacket & it was for me! The lady next to me didn't want to have her picture taken & said 'OK, only one', she is truly an artisan with wool. I was saddened when she told me that was the last item that she was to hand-knit & now used the knitting machine due to developing Parkinson's, it has now stopped her & I feel extra privileged to wear her designs. The vest is a button front with the knitted design done in the front & back. I thanked this lovely woman for the knitted vest & the picture.

Then it was back outside in the cool drizzly weather, only I was cozier now with my wool vest on!

There were trick riders brought in from Calgary. It took the two female riders & their horses & crew, six days of travel to reach Napan NB to perform that day. 

 This is Ashley preforming bareback on the horse.
 They truly did move as one as she rode around the ring
 Then she left as Mackenzie, an 11 yr old rider would now preform her trick riding abilities.

 She really did put in in an awe moment!
 As she circled around the perimeter waving.
 Yes, 11 years old!
 Look at the fence to the left, a hungry or teething horse has left its mark. lol
 Mackenzie & Ashley would do many more tricks whilst riding but it was too hard to photograph, so I just took it all in. :-)
 The two worked very well together & the crowd applauded loudly.

 More tricks...
 This is my favourite shot of Mackenzie! You go girl!!!
 Then it was the 9 - 11 yr old's, chuck wagon driving with instruction.
 These two really dressed the part too!
 This was Mary Beth's favourite buggy, it had beer barrels carved out on the side!

 Powerful beautiful horses.

 This would be the winner!
 Everyone looked so good!
 The horses hardware just glistened even with the overcast sky.
 Mary Beth's fav! lol

 Mary Beth with her brother-in-law Dave & sister Sharon.
We would finish our day with a poached salmon dinner at Mary Beth's & for dessert, eating ice cream & blueberries & that the other two picked, forged out of the cemetery.

Home again.

 Even in the overcast, the sky is blue.

 This wee bistro set has seen been around for years...

 But truly looks at home here overlooking the shore. I placed some bird feed in the feeder but no one came so I've moved it to the porch & they come there!

Remember the panyhose rug? Look at it now! I washed it in the front-loading washing machine & it came out so vibrant with colour!

 This is the back...
 This is the front! Cynthia, I'm so pleased & will treasure this for years to come!

Now for some sewing!
I'm working on my first Chevron Quilt.

I'm going with a nautical theme & thought I'd better start it soon as September & all the fall colours will be beckoning me soon! Lol

It will be red & blue chevrons (zigzags) with a white background, photos to follow.

Thank you for stopping by & sorry it took so long to get this posted!

A though for you...

The person who rows the boat doesn't have time to rock it!

Stop by again. ;-)

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  1. I love that last quote. I'm rowing and rowing but I'm getting nowhere, lol...

    You had another exciting weekend. That nautical quilt is going to look awesome. You always are so creative. i'm n kind of a rut creativity wise.
    My daily routine leaves little time to think creatively.

    Enjoy your weekend.