Sunday, September 2, 2018

Family Fun

The family was here for some summer fun & they got just that!
The weather was just beautiful & the only downside was those pesky vicious August mosquitoBill & the granddaughter Madison arrive late Thursday last week & she was to stay with me till her dad & Stephanie arrived the following Thursday. Bill had work & was gone through the week.

She cosied up on the sofa with old Tom cat & her phone & was quite happy chilling there for hours.

We did day trips to thrift shops in the area & Winners too for some school clothes.  On Thursday I also took her to my hairdresser Linda of Salon Nouveau Look & had her hair done to her specification. She wanted to be a 'ginger'. The hair was done & when we went back home her dad & Stephanie were waiting for us. Maddy looks really good as a ginger!

Maddy & I have an ice cream & Donny a brew, thank you, Stephanie, for taking this photo of us!
Baxter was not fast enough to get into the photo, he's the blur between Donny & I. lol
Bill arrived the next day & we went to Middle Island.

 Middle Island NB

 The painting by David Daley shows life in the 1800's on the Middle Island. The island was used to quarantine new ship arrivals from spreading a disease to the mainland.

You can view this painting on the side of the restaurant. It was closed on the weekend, may be closed for the year as I remember it being run by students during the summer months.

There's a lot of benches with dedications on them, very inviting for a sit-down & take it all in.

We did a walkabout on the groomed path & what a lovely walk it was! I saw these flat sandstones that were stacked into an attractive wall. I just loved it!

                                Does that path not make you want to meander down it?!

                           Nature with nature, you just cannot go wrong! Love that wall!

                          The Centennial Bridge in Miramichi viewed from the island's edge.

How beautiful it is going to be with all the maple, oak, birch, & other trees as Autumn is just around the corner now!

                           Myself, with Donny, Maddy, & Stephanie pose as Bill takes our photo.

                                                   Bill & I enjoying each other & the day!

Beach Time In The Miramichi Bay

Stephanie's first swim in salt Ocean water. The two Bostons are in the water first! lol Maddy with her phone!

                                                                       Beach Babes!

First time kayaking for Donny & Stephanie is getting ready by putting on her bathing cap, Bostons are good to go with them!

                                                           And he's in the water!

Here they are in the water together! When was the last time you did something for the first time?

                                           Beautiful day to be on the water & in it for that matter!

                                                  A view of the house from the water.

Madison & the Boston's on shore. She is not confident in the water but wanted to be by the shoreline.

          The Boston's know that life jackets on mean they have the freedom to go in the water.

                         Donny & Stephanie had fun with their first time experiences.

                                           I stayed inside due to those vicious mosquitoes!

                                                      They are way out there now...

They are all back into Ontario now, with first time experiences & some down time to recover from their daily stress of work for their memories.

                                                        This is what summer should be, so glad you came!

The morning glories from my London garden are finally blooming, I miss not seeing the whole arbour covered with them.

Next year I will start them sooner to have more blooms before the frost hits us in a couple of weeks.

My Kyrotime - Gnome For The Holiday's

                   I have been working on these squares done in applique of wool & cotton.

                        I'm doing a quilt-as-you-go & embellishing as I finish quilting the blocks.

 It's a Fat Cat Pattern that is a BOM or you can purchase the entire pattern. I have a fondness for gnomes & have been having fun with the blocks.

 When I get it finished & together I plan on making it the front of my Christmas cards for 2018.

Going through my August download pics I found this one that was one of my favourites of the company from away.

Loraine, myself, with Helen. 
Thank you, Lee, for taking this photo of us.

Have a wonderful long weekend...
wherever you are!

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  1. I remember those pesky mosquitos last year. Quarter size welts. I don’t miss them but Dave and I certainly miss you and the family. We still think about our fun visit last year.