Friday, May 25, 2018

Miramichi Rug Hookers Host The Richibucto Rug Hookers

This Thursday was so much fun!
The Miramichi Rug Hookers had a luncheon at the Lions Center, for The Richibucto Rug Hookers.

                             The ladies were busy in the kitchen with the luncheon being prepared.

 The luncheon was made up of the assorted sandwiches, relish dishes, salsa & chips...

                                             And eye-pleasing, tummy tasting, desserts!

So many rug hookers!

 The room was buzzing with conversation & laughter as hands were busy with their crafting.

Miramichi Rug Hookers Crafting of Rugs, Wallhangings, & Swedish woven textiles.

 Pat's sweet Westies! She is all about Westies & breeds the best Westie's in North America!

                Several of the ladies do Swedish Weaving, lovely textile work with woven cloth & yarn.

 Donna M is prolific with her rug hooking, she has made a rug for each of her grandchildren.

 It's a team effort, her husband draws out the pattern that she wants...

                                                     And Donna does the rug hooking!

           Each rug is personized to that grandchild & their name is included in each unique rug.

 More rug hooked rugs, see the Westie. Yes, whenever we see Westie's ... we think of Pat!

 Another Pat project, I remember seeing this the year I started rug hooking! I love Celtic Knots.

                        Peggy has gotten this one done just in time to put it away until next winter.
                              Next week is June & on June 25th... it's six months till Christmas!
                      Time has wings as you get older, I guess it puts you closer to the flying angels! lol

                                                       An assortment of beautiful work!

          I love the quilt-like pattern to this rug! The colours pop with the black background.

 So much for The Richibucto Rug Hookers to take in! Next September we will see what they have done this year! So many beautiful talented hookers in this area!

                                                                Rita's fun-loving cat!

                                                       Beautiful shaded rose!

 This rabbit really caught my eye.

Mary Lou, I just love this Jane Steele pattern!

It so reminded me of 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch. It also has a Van Gogh style to it to with the background movement.

Haunting is it not?!!

                        Another rug displaying gorgeous colours with the black background, finishing with a red border.

                                             Prizes were waiting for our guests!
 The First basket...

 Second basket...

 Third basket...

 And the Fourth basket!

 And now more names were drawn, this time our guild was included. Congrats Lima!

                                              So happy that they all came to the luncheon!

                                                Hello Susan! It was a fun time had by all!

                                                                        Congrats Betty!

Bernice, you are so lucky, she also won a bouquet of daffodils!

 Pat, yes Westie Pat, won this beautiful Swedish woven accent pillow. I so wanted that for my kitchen!
                              The lovely, Richibucto Rug Hookers with their winning baskets!

 Rita with the daffodils that were given out with 'Guess the # I'm thinking!' Good job Bernice!

On Wednesday morning I threw my back out just putting a plate in the dishwasher! Oh, the pain that Wednesday, all day in bed, Advil, Naproxen, heat pads, ice pads, rest all day. Yuck!!!
Thursday was better but no sitting for any periods of time, stand or lay down & pain, sciatica pain was unbearable.
 I didn't take my hooking to work on as that would mean sitting down. Here is what I have done so far with the Mustang circular rug.

I am taking it a lot slower these days till this back bout is over. I was at the chiro today & had some acupuncture done & he wants an x-ray done too. Next week will be appointments...

I am to only walk, the Bostons will be happy! They are enjoying the green grass & running full-out on it chasing pigeons & robins that are on the grass.

                       Dog tired after a day of running & filling their lungs with the salt air!
If Bridget's teeth are not showing, her tongue is & if she's really tired it just hangs out! lol

Thank you for the visit & tomorrow I'll be posting about The Carroll Cottage & plans of the future.
Till then, I must slow down & mend.

Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, "Life has got to be lived - That's all there is to it."

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Nice rugs from the Miramichi rug hookers. I'm sorry about your sore back. I hope you'll feel better very soon. It has happened to me once so I am familiar with the excruciating pain.

    I'm still cleaning out the basement floor from the flood and I hope to finish today. I haven't had time to post an update.
    My yard is a disaster and all this rain isn't helping.

    Hugs, Julia