Saturday, May 5, 2018

May's Warm Wet Arrival

It sure has been a very unsettling time for New Brunswickers that are on the spilling banks of the St John River. We've had a lot of rain too adding to the flooding problem.
My location is next to the salt water, which has not been a problem with the flooding. I'm loosing power for two hours, almost daily now. Today I think it is the strong winds creating the problems.
The backup generator has not worked since the ice storm & with the $283 labour bill from the Moncton company,  to say ' Don't know what the problem is but here's your labour bill.' Bill's going to fix it next time in a couple of weeks. Grrrr, I don't like it when you don't get what you paid for!
That is such a small problem to what people are experiencing now with all the melting snow, raining, & swelling river.
Remember all the snow that was here last week? Have a look now!!

 A hovercraft was breaking up the ice in the bay. The fishermen have not been able to drop their traps because of the unsafe frozen ice.

 They are going out on Monday. That is Bay du Vin Island that's in the Miramichi Bay, I'm taking the photo from the backyard.

 It is so windy today that there are white caps in the waves. That is a piece of the neighbour's steel roof, it was buried under the snow all winter, now it's a bridge over the ditch!

 The backyard has absorbed a lot of the puddles but we had more rain & the ground's unable to absorb it right now.

 Remember all that snow a couple of weeks ago?! It is just pools of water now & the wind today will help dry that up.

This photo was early this morning before the winds picked up to create those white caps in the water. Yesterday the water was like a still mirror for the hovercraft to hover over. The blue sky is reflected in the puddles. It is so beautiful here on a nice clear day & usually followed by a beautiful sunset!

Sandy surprised me with this tote, I'm going to add an 'S' to the dog. lol Such a cute surprise with my Bunnykins vintage pitcher that was gifted to me by one of her friends. I also got my own beach towel with Boston's on it but I'll share that another day. Thank you, Sandy!

These two did not like the cold wind & decided to play in their crates... by moving them all around the bedroom!
They have such an innocent look to them when I ask 'What are you doing?!' They even pull their blankets out & move their toy tug around!

I was busy sewing this pillow together & making an insert pillow for it. I found the best coastal panel online, right here in Canada.

I finished this pillow too this morning... to much time in my sewing room & that's why the Boston's had their fun! This design is from a charm pack & I just love the coastal theme on it.

Bill brought me back several quilting magazines from his last trip to Australia & this England quilt magazine, with this bargello wallhanging that I fell in love with. I ordered the jelly roll (2 1/2" strips) to make it. Yes, it will coordinate with the pillow & beach themed pillows. My new decorating for the sunporch this year. The sunporch is getting a floating floor & the walls finished & painted.

I hope to get this started right after the Garden Mystery 2018 is finished. Three more blocks & the last block was 40" across with embroidery & applique! It's going to be gorgeous!!

 These are some more designs from the coastal panel that I will make into pillows too.

 I quilted this pillow top this morning & will work on another pillow later.

The cat grass is growing well in the sunporch, this is oat grass & I can't grow it fast enough because all 5 pets just love it!

The very expensive catnip from West Coast Seeds is just starting to show some life.
At the last EBH Garden Club meeting someone told me that they saved toilet paper rolls, cut them in half & snipped the bottom to create a closer, another told me how they used a clamshell container for a mini hothouse. So I combined the two & came up with this for the seedlings.
This is how they started, how clever is this?!

Encouraging... these are going to be double bloom daffodils! I really want to see some spring before we leap into summer, the fastest season ever!

This little Bombay stool (that I painted) had brown/beige striped fabric on it. It too needed a boost of summer. This fabric is from a shower curtain so it's waterproof & the blue/white fabric that I needed!

                                                       Now it has a feel of summer to it!

You can see the outline quilting that I did on this pillow around the sails. I think of the Bluenose & our dime when I see this ship.

With the loss of our power again today, I filled & lit the firebox & everyone settled in.

Old Tom has taken to the black leather wingback these days, where the afternoon sun shines in on him.

He's doing much better now but his circulation is slowing down & his paws are always cold.
In less than 10 weeks he will be twenty years old!

I saw in a magazine once that someone grew potatoes in a flower box & they trailed over & looked lovely. So I thought I would give it a go as my potatoes had eyes that were quite long. Oh my, I think I have the wrong kind of potatoes, these ones are going straight up & have very strong stalks!
Maybe they were yams?

One is a lonely number and Bridget was so enjoying the afternoon sun in the foyer.

Then Baxter enters the scene & she surrenders to enjoy that warm sun on her black body.

I talked to him & asked him to 'Be nice.'

                                               He was, he just wanted to sunbathe too!

                           And they're down for the afternoon, all warm & cosy in the sun.

 Baxter does a big stretch to get more sun on his body. He was outside today in the wind & the sun just doesn't feel the same.

 The funny discovery this week. I looked into the woods where I feed the birds & at first, I thought I saw a chicken. It was a very large bird with a red head. I ran for my camera & the bird was then in the tree.
It turns out to be a pileated woodpecker, a rare find in our woods. It has been seen several more times by me. It loves our dead vertical standing trees. So many birds are now back & the morning air is filled with them singing. The frogs are being their mating songs at night too! Spring has finally arrived in northern New Brunswick.

The fast thaw didn't help with the St John River & terrible flooding that's happening.
Scary news when watching CTV Atlantic news & all the coverage of the flooding.

When I lived in London ON, I attended the SOHO meetings that were taking place for the growth of several very high apartment buildings, 2 at 27 storey's tall. Well, the promenade that was to be constructed was done by the company that did the Halifax Warf, which had to be 4 meters higher than planned due to the high waters rising with the global change. The Thames River was in front of the apartment builds & it too had to be planned to be made tall & strong due to rising water.
I had a great interest in what was happening as I lived on the other side of the Thames River in a century home that would look at all these modern highrises.
Stephanie & Donny, our eldest son, are now stewards of that home & it will be them watching the waters rise with the apartment building going tall too. Lucky for them they're high on a hill & have the bike path located on the floodplain when the banks overflow & in past years I've seen them spill right into the park.
The times are changing & we must change & adapt with them to survive.

My thoughts & prayers go out to those that are displaced right now & I hope a safe summer for all.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I am safe where I live in New Brunswick, I am one of the lucky ones for now. I hope you are safe & dry wherever you are. I know there is flooding going on in several provinces right now. This too will pass...sooner than later I'm hoping.

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