Sunday, September 17, 2017

Settling In For Fall...Get Yourself A Cuppa!

Read on to see how I made this pie crust texture!!
I couldn't get the picture to go where I wanted it to go! Grrrr

Make yourself a cup of tea & enjoy the very long read. Sorry for being so tardy this week.

The weather has been great here this Fall. Yesterday was an odd day with the temp of 29C in Miramichi but by the time we got home in the afternoon, it was 18C in Hardwicke!
The cold front found us! lol

Mr. Boots is having one of his many naptimes on the bed.
He does sleep more these days.

 I tried something new from someone's Facebook post. It has to do with adding interest to the styling of pasty!

 I use Pillsbury pastry, it never lets me down & can be cut into small pastry tarts as well.

                            Then you find a doily that is eye-pleasing & fits the round pasty.

                        Lay the cotton doily on top of the pastry & roll it out with a rolling pin.

 When you see the doily going into the pasty but not through it. lift the doily off...

                           And voila! You now have textured pasty, how fast & easy was that?!

I made an apple pie for Bill. I trimmed the crust, slit the center & inserted a pie bird.

I didn't take any more pie pictures. Bill had cut into the pie as soon as he arrived home, so no baked pie photos either!
The apple pie tasted as good as it looked!

                                         Sorry Baxter, puppies don't eat pie. :-(

 That goes double for you Bridget, put that tongue in your mouth! She always has her tongue out these days & where are your ears?!
                                    A much better photo Bridget! My shoes are now in the way now... lol

The grass is finally growing in & the bird seed should help too!

 Bill was busy with my wee potting shed & placed a stone wall around the corner of it. I painted the screen door in a warm complementary colour & Bill install it.

                        Working on the potting shed has him thinking of a 'Bunkie In The Woods'.

 I know we have moved this shed three times now but I really think it looks the best right here!

 The Korean lilac bush was planted at the end & the Forsythia bushes will look great next spring.
I just love the old screen door colour & then I found the broom that my girlfriend Karen gave be back in the 80's! It looks great as a Fall decoration now as it did then! What's old, is new again!

            Bill was playing with stones for the fire pit, it will be made bigger next spring. He needs to bring more stones from Ontario.

 The stone garden wall is now completed & the yellow mums are peaking out. We've been on the look out for several boxwoods, they are nowhere to be found in our area.  Next spring will look for them at Scotts in Frederiction, that is the only place that has many plants, & stock is usually good. Just not enough time this year.

Another angle of the front garden wall, the asphalt goes right against it, giving a finished look to the front of the house.

                                           The view of the house, from the fire pit area.

                    The backyard is looking so much better with a touch of green showing through!

                        The wild rose bushes on the left have rose hips on them now, Fall is here.

 Bill has placed black mulch all around the evergreen trees, the yard looks finished now.

 The Morning Glories have taken over the garden ground & makes a wonderful ground cover.

Now The Boston Terrier Update

            These two are now nine months old & I'm happy to say that they're house trained!

Baxter-Loree will be doing more growing, & if his chest plate is any indication of size, he's going to grow quite a bit more!
             Bridget-Loree was the runt & will stay small, she is quite a bit smaller now than Baxter.

 My days are still very full with these two! They nap in the morning & the afternoon still & sleep straight threw the night.

When they are a wake they are very active!

Halloween Is Coming...

 I found Teenage Mutant Niji Turtle costumes at the Salvation Army, they were new & still on the hanger, for $5!! This one is for Bridget!

And this one is for Baxter!

 The costumes fit them perfectly! And they both love to be 'fighting turtles' in them! lol

                                        Bridget really knows how to pin Baxter down!

                                                 Baxter is up & ready to go! He just can't see out the eyes though!! lol

                                        I pull the hood back & she pulls it forward on him!

                                                             Baxter now pins Bridget...

 These two made me laugh so hard, I'm going to dress them again, just to watch them! lol

                                I just couldn't resist these costumes! So glad I purchased them!

                                                       Bridget looks so pretty in sequins!

Bill just shakes his head at me, after 32 years of knowing me for me, he laughs at what I do too!

 Today we took the pups for a walk on the beach. It is cool so the bug population is scarce.

 So let's get those pups ready for a walk...

 They just love the freedom of the yard, Baxter can run the fastest & Bridget tries to keep up.

                                           The seaweed has such wonderful new smells in it!

 Someone has been down on the beach with their quad, that's a no, no.

                                                      They love the sand in their toes! lol

                                                            So much to investigate!

 Bill found a log to practice his balance on & called on Bridget & Baxter to join in.

                                      Too much to take in & they were off running again.

 A view of the deck through the pines. I love the placement of the bench between the trees. Nice job Bill! XO

 Look at the Morning Glories in the Anniversary Garden! I just love their colour!

                                  The garden is done blooming & Fall is upon us now.

 These Sunflowers were from MacArthur's in Moncton, we were there looking for Boxwood, they had none but I came away with the Sunflower.

And Bill planted it by the door of the potting shed. How happy are those sunny yellow flowering heads?!!

Thank you for visiting & I hope your enjoy your Fall too!

I love the changing seasons of Canada!
Come back again!


  1. Oh my gosh Cynthia, your place looks amazing. You guys work so hard and never loose a minute to make it perfect. My place looks shabby as compared to yours. SAo much needs to be done but no time to do it.

    Those puppies are quite the pair. They look so funny wrestling like Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. The make me laugh too. I'm sure you are so glad to have gotten the tow of them...

    I love your potting shed. It looks terrific. Next spring you will reap the rewards of your garden planning. I'm ready for the fall.

    Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment. Enjoy the fall beauty.
    Hugs, Julia

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  3. I forgot to mention about how nice your pie was. I'll have to try that someday. I made so many typos in my first comment. I started another comment and had to delete it because of typos. I just need to slow down. Julia

  4. Hi Cynthia, everything looks great!! The potting shed is so cute. You know a bunkie would look good on the property. Just saying... And those two pups of yours, seriously spoiled.
    P.S. Say hello to everyone.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures ! They had fun !