Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fall Begins Tomorrow & Sharing Sewing

Fall begins tomorrow at 5pm, oh where did this busy summer go?
The gardens are loving the warm humid days & the new grass has come in nicely!

 And the felines are loving the sun, through the large window in my sewing room. I happy that Rexton has a sleeping buddy again, I am sure she misses Boris Loree as much as I do. Yes, we have the puppies but it is just different, they are not Boris.

                                          As Rexton sleeps, she has the look of contentment.
                                         Old Tommy now snores when he is in a deep sleep.

                                       They make my heart sing when they sleep together so peacefully.

Some of the Baie-Sainte-Anne Sewing Bees!
I taught them to make a soup bowl potholder, I've been making them & selling them in Chatham at the antique store. With the cooler weather ahead, reheating soup & stews will begin & this is the perfect project to make & share!

        They were happy to learn it too! And now will make & share with their friends & family!

 Thank you, ladies, for participating, it has been awhile since I've taught a sewing class. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

 This morning I looked out the great room window & could not believe the Morning Glories...

 They were all wide awake & opened for the viewing, they have such a vibrant colour!

 These are from the seeds I planted from London, ON. Next year I will have to control the spread better, it loves to move to the front. I'm going to start it on the other side of the trellis!

 The Sedums in the Fairy Garden have really taken to life! This is the first year of this garden. Thank you, Jocelyne, for the flowers from your garden!

 I moved my herbs that are inside the front sunporch, to just outside the dining room door.

I pull fresh parsley & basil from it almost daily. What a wonderful smell from the basil!
I will soon have to move it inside the kitchen because the sunporch is not heated & I don't want to lose my herbs.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit to the blog. I hope you enjoyed the beauty of the area & the joy this life brings me. Do stop by again.

A saying has been staying in my head these days.
"If not now, when?" So I'm trying not to procrastinate as much & trying to get more done!

Have a great day tomorrow as Fall begins!


  1. Oh my goodness, Cynthia. You actually made me chuckle when you said "So I'm trying not to procrastinate... lol. I can't picture you procrastinating. You may not have enough hours in a day to do everything you want but I can't picture you as a procrastinator... lol. You can an incredible amount of work done.

    My husband and my son and even my son in law are professional procrastinators. They always wait till the last minute to do things around the house and some never get done.

    Where did you come up with the idea of the soup bowl holder. Very clever.

    I'm enjoying the nice weather. Yes Fall is right here.

    Take care, hugs, Julia

  2. It may be Fall in NB but here in Ontario we have a heat alert for the past few days! Summer is very late this year .... lets hope that means winter won't come at all ! Love the Halloween costumes for the dogs. Reminds me of Boris and his leather jacket! TTFN