Friday, September 29, 2017

Sew Far Behind... I'm First!

Where has the time gone?!
I've been spending time in my sewing room finishing an ambitious Summer Blog Mystery Quilt.
I was doing so well keeping up, then again... life happens & it's put on hold & just viewed on the design wall. Well, I need that wall as I have two quilts to make for Christmas! So out with the old project of summer!
I have a week before Bill returns & the house must return to want it should look like. That means the lovely kitchen countertop must retreat back into my sewing room. Just today Kathleen, a girlfriend from the village next door, laughed & said: "Bill's not home, is he?" as she was trying to make sense out of the fabric layouts & patterns on the counter.
No, but look what I've made!
 This is the center block for the Summer Mystery. I'm not using the cheddar colour around the block. I used a reproduction fabric of a black & white texture. I think I may have to redo it though. The center block will not 'pop', I may just outline it with the 1/4" edging in black or audition the cheddar colour.

 This is a picture of the finished quilt. I made it my challenge to use Canadian symbols & sayings.
There are just four blocks made, so I must stay focused & do the others!
I have my sashing, cornerstones & outer blocks cut & ready. Just have to finish those inner mystery blocks. I used a nautical colouring of red, creme, & blue to surround the blocks.

 I have been experimenting with this polyester fabric, I cut it into 1 1/2" strips, zig-zag it together, then single crochet it in rounds. It is very thick & durable, nautical looking too! lol

 I pulled out my old sewing machine to finish this wall Fall wall hanging. My machine is still in being repaired & I really miss the buttonhole stitch & the knee lift from my Babylock. I'm hoping it will be done soon. This is 1 of the 4 season McCall's pattern by Cheryl Haynes, no relation to my Haynes Grandparents. lol

 I hand embroidered the stems & made the sunflowers in a 3D. I also used my Sharpie markers to brighten up the wool colours in the leaves & flowers.

 I just noticed the word 'colors' is the American spelling!  Isn't it funny how you notice things later?!

 The colour of these Hydrangeas is just beautiful. My neighbour Rose brought them by for me, she dries them in her garage then a few days later sprays them with hairspray.

 Yes,  Rexton, I have my camera out & again... yes it's all about you! lol

 Rexton takes the time to smell the flowers, no she's eating them! Notice the glass dome on the cranberries that I'm ripening up? I had to do that because she swats them everywhere & then chases them!
 The weather has changed quickly & she is very restless these days. Running up & down the hall in the wee hours of the morning. For a small cat, she makes a lot of noise!

 I made another Swedish Gnome, he is the medium size one. I'm now working on the small sized one then the trio is complete! I enjoy knitting in the evening after I put Baxter & Bridget in their crates for the night. They have a tendency to grab my wool balls & run with them.
They are off the stove now & I've put on a fire to get the damp chilly day out of the air. The wind is cold & the rain makes for a very chilly day.
The Boston puppies are not enjoying these days... wait till they see the winter here, they were born on December 19th last year & had a pampered winter as baby puppies. Oh my, they are not going to enjoy living next to the water come winter, the wind is bone chilling & they're not outside dogs! Their bellies are skin, they'll be wearing jackets most of the winter. lol

 I've decorated the dining room for Fall. I hung some of the Fall tablecloths from the Mitch & Nicks bunkbed ladder that Bill made them some 25 years ago. Where does time go?!
Nick will be home for Thanksgiving & this should give him a chuckle on how their ladder was upcycled!

My neighbour Karen stopped by with yellow beans(delicious too, I ate those for supper) & some ripe tomatoes that I'm going to make salsa with.
It's going to be a good weekend to bottle some fresh produce. There is a chill in the air & all of New Brunswick is under a frost warning tonight.
I'm enjoying the maple wood in the fireplace, it's from the backyard maple that had to be removed because of the addition. I was so happy to see a couple of maple trees, behind where it stood, with bright red leaves on it. It is still alive as it rises again through its roots!
You know that Rankin Family song, We Rise Again, I cried when Nick's class sang it as I felt the lyrics & knew it was a song that goes expresses how we go on after we are gone. We Rise Again!

Thank you for stopping in to visit my little corner of the world.

Have a wonderful Fall weekend wherever you are!


  1. Always busy sewing something special. I love3 your quilt and the fall hanging.
    Just so pretty.

    It's been cold here too with the north wind blowing a bit. I can't believe that from day to day the temperature are changing at breakneck speed but I'm ready for cooler temperatures. I hate cold, I just want dry and cool so I can work outside comfortably... I need REST so bad I can taste it.

    The hydrangeas are beautiful. I saved some from last year and they are still beautiful.
    Hugs, Julia