Monday, September 4, 2017

Early Birthday SURPRISE!!!

Bill & Nicholas were busy on Sunday, doing final touches to a surprise & let me tell you... it was a surprise! birthday party with a some of my friends & neighbours.

Bill took me to the Carroll Cottage to go over the stained glass that was to be moved & when we returned, our parking lot was filled with cars??!
''Oh Bill'' I said, ''My hair is styled in pigtails!", he smiled & told me to go in.

What a wonderful surprise it was!

Bill & Nicholas arrived late Friday night & Saturday morning started putting a wall around the front-yard garden. What I didn't know is that they wanted the steps installed by Sunday afternoon, for the surprise party! Eager little beavers! lol

 They took advantage of the front steps being out of the way & finished the corners beautifully!

 It is shown at two stones high, one more layer would be added & the flat tops will be ordered.

Surprise, surprise!
 Nick was creative in ordering the DQ icecream cake. One said 'Happy 30th Birthday' & the other said 'Happy +30th Birthday'.

 The cakes were blue & mauves, very nice choice too Nicholas! XO

 Elizabeth, Heather, Jocelyne, Karen, myself, Margie, & Valma, we all had a good laugh at surprising me! Such good friends through my nine years of being here!

 And on the otherside of the kitchen island was my 'Friends in low places!' a Garth Brooks song that makes me laugh. lol
 Dellie(Margie's husband), Jay(Elizabeth's husband) & Donny(Jocelyn's husband), I wanted to move around & have a photo of this party for prosperity. lol

 And in the great room was Pete(Valma's husband), Rexton in her perch, Ross, Bill, & Doug(Karen's husband). Bill was so happy that the get together party,  was a surprise to me. And it was!! XO

Myself, with Nicholas, one of the masterminds of this day!

                                         Bill & I, he was the head mastermind of the day! XO

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon & very secretive by all! Thank you, for this memory!!

And with that memory is a funny one that I mentioned at breakfast that made both Bill & Nick laugh.
I said, "See this shirt I'm wearing, I wore it on my 40th Birthday, & I still have & love it!"

Well, here's that picture of my 40th Birthday! Some things just never really change. Though wearing that shirt 20 years later, I still have the love in my heart for the man I married 30 years ago! XO

As I cut my cake this year, I didn't need a candle to wish by... all my wishes have come true!!
Thank you also for those that snail mailed me cards from London!  Wish you were here! XO

Some sewing this week~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

 I made a pillow to match the quilt, & the table topper on the back of the deacon's bench.

 I'm having a hard time with Bridget-Loree, she feels she has to teeth on nylon zippers. That is the way I close the bottom of my pillows. I'm hoping this one stays together!

Nicholas left early this morning for Toronto, it was raining with thunder & lightening, making me fretful of his trip. He made it to Grand Falls but not without dodging coyotes.
He should be home by supper time. It's quite the drive back & forth with all the road construction.
We all say there are only two seasons, Construction & Winter!

This has been a great week, one I will not forget! Thank you for stopping by for a visit & allowing me to share my precious memories with you!

Have a great week & Happy Labour Day!


  1. Happy Birthday Cynthia!!! Wow, what a great surprise indeed. I love the cakes. Very creative......
    I love your front flowerbed and you new pillow.
    I heard the thunder and lightning around 4am this morning and then we got a bit of rain. The sun is out now and it a bit breezy.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. Happy Birthday! and sorry to hear about Diesel.