Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year Resolution?

Did you make a New Year Resolution for 2017?
I did not, I try & strive to make the most out of each day & lately I've noticed how fast they fly by!
I don't have the energy or time to make a promise to myself...history tells a story of what I have failed at & I always felt bad to be a loser, to myself.
So, that is why I try & strive to be the best that I can be. I am a human, not a super human but a happy one! ;-)

 This was our first Christmas with our granddaughter Madison & a happy one it was. She is a delightful, wonderful 13 year old & loves the east coast lifestyle & has the hoodie to prove it!lol

 Madison wants to return this summer to spend more time with her paternal grandparents.

A perfect way to end 2016
                    A three generation photo -  Bill, Donny( Madison's dad), Madison & me.

Rexton & her antics!

Bill awoke to his dresser drawers sliding opening. He said that he thought that the cat is in my dresser... well he was right!
He leaves a drawer open at night, & uses it for a place to put his eyeglasses. Rexton crawled in & stood at the bottom & pushed open the lower drawers!!

Into the open top one... then she opened the two lower drawers!
I ran for my camera for this funny Kodak moment.

She reappeared from her starting point...
 Rexton stood on her hind legs to open the bottom drawers & she must be strong or determined because this is a heavy highboy dresser by Thomasville  & it had clothes in it!

                  Once she knew that we were on to her she posed for her photo, what a Manx!

Yes it is the more simple things in life that make my days!

This New Year's Eve, Bill, Nicholas, & I worked on  a puzzle & waited for the New Year to greet us.
As we worked on it, the radio was on the country western channel 99.3 - The River & we listened to all the requests. Nicholas wanted to hear the song 'Voices' & what a time he & the dis jockey had thinking of who the artist was! lol
Before the New Year we hear his request of the song 'Voices'  by  Chris Young. Doing a puzzle & singing to the songs from the radio, really brought back memories of my childhood & a more simpler time in life. It truly was a great way to ring in the 2017 year.

This was a fun puzzle & even more fun listening to Bill doing his critic, on the different years & what was done wrong & what was done right! lol
I just enjoyed the company & the memories that each Mustang that I was familiar with, either by driving or by racing & the feelings each one gave me. :-) We only have two Mustangs now , my Cobra 1996 & Bill's Mach I 1970.
Both are different & both are beautiful, in their own way.

Thank you for the visit & I wish you the very best in 2017!

Thought for the week.
Live each day to the fullest - Be present, with your present, the gift of life!


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  1. Madisson is a lovely young lady and has your blond hair.

    Rexton sure has discovered a new hiding place. She couldn't make up her mind which drawer to choose so she tried them all, lol. What a cat.

    I love making puzzles this time of year too. I always make at least one after Christmas with the girls.

    Wishing you the best for 2017 too. The gift of one's presence is the best present.