Thursday, January 26, 2017

2017 - Huge Ice Storm In New Brunswick

Wow it has been quite the first winter in New Brunswick!
We have been hit with a huge ice storm. This is day two & 83,000 households are still without power.
Nova Scotia & Maine are coming in to help with the overload of broken lines & poles.
 This is right outside my front porch! See the birches resting on the top hydro line...with five more lines under it!! I called NB Power to let them know of this as it cannot been seen from the main road.
Such a winter wonderland out there, these type of storms are not the norm, but coming from southwestern Ontario, they are. Seems winter has followed me here! lol

 They have announced that this is the second worse of two storms, the first was hurricane Arthur, which Bill & I both were in back in July 5th 2015. At that time I was without power for 6 days!
It was because of that storm that when the addition went on the house, we added a generator.
Oh to have hindsight & be part of the storm history in New Brunswick! Sure feels like home! ;-)

 The weeping birches on the right, are at the mouth of the laneway. Bill will be flying in tomorrow morning to help clean up the yard & view the damage.

 I made this sweet Valentine Banner before we lost our power. I saw the four patch idea on Pinterest I knew I had left over fabrics from the quilt that I had recently made. I embellished it with 4 plastic button hearts & 4 gold metal hearts.

This was the morning sky today... red sky in the morning, no... it's pink!
The grass & water are one again but there is an aqua colour in the ice that I've seen around icebergs!
I love the winter beauty of this season & I'm so glad that we had protected ourselves with that built in propane, generator. It keeps the furnace going, water pump running & several outlets working.
60% of the power is to be back from Miramichi to Bouchtouche...Hoping that the power is restored & the generator can be quiet once more.

Thanks for the visit & I'm doing alright! With the telephone service, I also have the internet to blog!

Stay safe & warm.


  1. Wow, you are in the thick of it. I hope your beautiful trees will be OK.
    I just came back from my brother in law's funeral in Robertville, near Bathurst yesterday and I saw the ice storm on the way. It was beautiful but I couldn't take much photos as I came on the bus and the windows and windshield were so dirty from road salt. I didn't dare drive because of the storm. 6 hour drive as the bus goes from Fredericton to Moncton and then to Bathurst, so 12 hours on the bus. Not much fun...

    Fredericton and Moncton got rain but the trees were not icy like up North.

    I love your Valentine banner.

    Enjoy your day.

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