Monday, January 2, 2017

And 2017 Begins!

The new year of 2017 begins... my first full winter in New Brunswick AND.....

With Boston terrier puppies coming home on February 13th!!!

Four Boston terrier puppies were born on December 19th 2016. One male & three females, on our way to Keswick, just outside of Fredericton, I told Bill that I wanted a female but if the male looked like Boris Loree, I would want him too!

Be careful what you wish for... be very careful!

 The puppy on the left, with the black button nose, is the female & the one on the right is the male.
OMGoodness - Lord love a duck!!! He was the spitting image of Boris Loree!

 These two had brought tears to my eyes & had taken my breath away at fist glance!
The female, Bridget-Loree & male, Baxter, were love at first sight!

The two to the left are the other females, their head markings reminded me of butterflies!
All four were adorable - but the two on the right, when the time came,  were going to go home with me!
This is the litters,  10 day old picture!

I know that next month is going to be a challenge with the two of them & it is not advisable to get two puppies from the same litter but I have made my mind up that it will be a lot of work.
Working with them individually & together, should I fail, I will have a lot of 'I told you so!'
So determined to raise these puppies to the best of my ability, to have them bond to me & not to each other, my work will begin next month on February 13th, the day Bill leaves for China! He will not see the pair for three weeks, at which time, I'm hoping to have them sleeping through the night in their own crates! Yes two of everything for a while!

The winter is going to pass by quickly for me with these two!

Wishing everyone visiting - A very Happy 2017 year!
And Canada is turning 150 years old!
What a wonderful year, this is going to be!


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  1. Oh my, they are adorable... you have lots of courage to train those two puppies than me. I wish you all the luck. I'm sure you know a lot more than me about raising that breed of dogs. I bet you'll be poating about then often.
    Happy New Year.