Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shading Workshop - Rug hookers Fun!

The Miramichi Rug Hookers & the Richibucto Rug Hookers joined together today in a workshop of colour shading. We were shown how to shade a rose & the leaves, with 6 gradations of colour on each. We did it in a  one day workshop in just 6 hours! Here are the photos to prove it! Beautiful work by all...

 On one side of the room was a long table of Richibucto Hookers...

 And on the other side of the room were the Miramichi Hookers.
 There were 8 of us, I'm taking the picture & Pat & I sat at the top of the room - under the light. The day was a cold wet one with no sunshine outside at all, making the room dark.

 Everyone worked very hard under the instruction of Jan, our instructor from New Hampshire.

 Our smiling instructor - Jan :-)
 Pat working on her yellow rose...several times over. lol
 She did get caught up by the end of the class.

 My beautiful blue rose...I was the only blue rose, I wanted something beautiful for my bedroom here at the cottage.

In the kitchen working behind the scene is Marsha, a Richibucto Hooker & organizer to this day. Fellow hooker Sophie suggested that Jan, who vacations in Richibucto & has for 27 years,  would be great to show everyone how to shade...Marsha made it happen & had invited our group into their workshop. Thank you Marsha for all your organizing skills used to make a very productive, instructed day!

 A lovely red rose...

 Purple rose...

Yellow rose...

Yes, the only blue rose.

 Jan holding a yellow rose, the purple one looked great with her top though! lol

 6 hours later!! Look at these beauties, it was quite the day for everyone & we all had so much fun too!

What a beautiful project to work on, we were all so surprised at how the rose looked at a distance. When you work on top of the just don't see the shading!


Tuesday was my painting class...

Here's what was accomplished that afternoon.  Isie our teacher makes everything look so easy as we watch her instruct us on technique.

Till next time, thanks for dropping in to see some creativity generated whilst in...  'kyrotime' - with my east-coast friends. :-)

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  1. Sorry, my comment didn't publish so I'm trying again.
    Your blue rose is perfect and everyone did such a great job on the shading. How nice that Marsha could organize this workshop for all of you with a pro instructor who just happened to be in the area.

    Your painting is coming along just so nice.

    Enjoy the sunshine today and have a great weekend Cynthia.