Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun Time!

On Saturday my girlfriend Aurella & I were on our way to a birthday party for Alphonsine as she was celebrating her 80th birthday! I don't drive at night so we took Aurella's car & I drove there & she drove us carefully home.
 Well I could not believe my eyes when we arrived in Miramichi & saw all makes of  Mustangs gathered in the parking lot. I swerved into the parking lot & had my camera out so fast as they were all leaving to go somewhere. I forgot how much I loved my Mustangs! 
I've not been to the race track as I've weaned myself off of racing & the smell of burning tires warming up & high octane fuel drives my senses to want to compete & feel the speed again. But the thought of just cruising in one of my Mustangs drove me to crave one of my loves again.
The cars were all lined up, a thing of beauty & excitement for me!
Look at these beauties!
I was told that just once in your life time you should own a convertible. Well with the passing of my dad in 2000, I did just that & got a 2000 - GT convertible Mustang & not a day has gone by that I haven't regret having it. I once drove it through an Ontario winter, with snow tires of course. But since it has been super charged for my racing needs, I've only drove it once on the highway & the cost of gas made me park it.
 I did have my Cobra SVT 1996 here in New Brunswick but again the cost of gas in a 8 cylinder engine is very costly & having high profile tires was a nightmare on these tracker trailer rutted roads! So it was trailered put back.
 I drive an SUV which places me higher to see what wildlife or traffic lies ahead. But what a feeling...seeing all those beautiful Mustangs!!

OK back to the birthday party.

Happy Birthday Alphonsine!!

WOW! I want what she has to look & be so beautiful at the age of 80!
She's inspiring to many friends & family. Alphonsine was the 6th child born of a family of 17!!!

Well wishes were everywhere.
Family & friends where found in every corner,  enjoying a happy celebration!
Here's Alphonsine with 8 of her 9 kids. Her son in Newfoundland couldn't get the time off work. :-(
She was a widow at an early age & raised all 9 children on her own. Everyone of them makes her so proud but you can tell how proud they are of her! A very special woman!

Myself with Aurella, she's so much like a big sister to me, I enjoy my time with her.

I've been busy playing with Christmas these days...

This is going to be a border to a 'JOY' wallhanging. I've not played with red/green colours for awhile.
These pieces are so small, the HST are from a 1 1/2" square!
Yes! Nine pieces of paper piecing to make a 2" square. What was I thinking to start this as one of my first projects! but I brought this with me in 2009 & it's long overdue to get completed.

Since the new roof has gone on & the leaking has stopped! I rearranged my studio again, I just love it there. Mitchell installed a baseboard heater last May & I've had it on a couple of times to rid the chill from the room.
Wow this looks messy! Creative minds are never tidy! I have my painting class supplies, rug hooking, knitting/crocheting materials & my workout equipment in this room too, after all it is all about me in this room. lol I love being here!

My mom gave me more squares that she had knitted, so I'm crocheting around them. I've also noticed that they're not all the same size! Oh a challenge for me to bring them together, so for now I'll just edge them - then I'll modify them. Mom is now 82 & can't remember like she use to, but she loves to spend her time knitting & doing just the garter stitch now gives her that pleasure. I'm just pleased to be the receiver of these labour of love squares.
More edging to do, I have to have something in my hands when I'm sitting in front of the TV, I'm not talking about food either. lol

It's such a wonderful Fall colour! Pumpkin orange, so I just neutralized it with the cream.


Look at these beauties! I'm going to plant so many of these hydrangea bushes this spring!
These dried ones came from Krystal's garden.

Well it's now the beginning of October & the colours & weather are just so beautiful! I love being here.
Maybe not so much when the snow starts to fly & the winds off the water chill to the bone.
Till then I'm savoring these days & having some fun doing it!
Wherever you are - do the same & live each day to its fullest, it really is a great life.

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  1. Wow, Alphonsine sure looks great. I too would love to look good like that at her age. I'm third from a family of 17 kids. She must be an amazing woman. Happy Belated Birthday Alphonsine.

    You are brave to try sewing those tiny squares. I've never tried paper piecing. I've got a pattern book but never seem to have time enough to do much projects.

    Your studio is the bomb. A place for everything and everything in its place.

    I didn't knew that you were a mustang racer and lover... How interesting.

    I love Hydrangeas and I had planted to on the front lawn when we moved to our new house ages ago and something spooked the herd of cows at night and about 80 cows ended up on my front lawn and demolished the small hydrangeas bushes and they were never replaced.

    I bought two hydrangeas at Cosco for $ 9.99 each and they are still in their pots. Every day I have to choose what is more important so they get neglected.

    Enjoy this gorgeous October days. The foliage is spectacular.