Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bill Arrives :-)

My husband arrived Thursday evening & started on his on his 'Honey do List' to find that more was added as the garden had to be moved away from the house as the foundation tile is going in next month. So on Saturday he moved the garden to the end of the clothesline pole. The digging here is mostly sandstone under the grass & I knew no matter how hard I jumped on the shovel it wasn't going to get the job done.
 I'm so blessed to have a handsome, handy, husband that makes all my ideas happen!

 Those darn mosquitoes are still an annoyance, as soon as the wind would stop, they would come out of the woods & attack!
 This is his finished product, it's so nice I'm not moving it in the spring! I can see it from the kitchen window & find it enjoyable to look at.

He also transplanted two flowering bushes next to the cement slab that covers the well, very attractive.


 Bill also moved everything out of the spare room & mudded & replaced all the electrical outlet, & changed out the light for track lighting.
 He used a half bucket of drywall mud to fill in the dents.
 This is a messy job but I think the sanding is messier!

 He then took to the basement to sand, prime & paint my Grandpa Haynes old headboard...

 And the foot-board.

 All sanded & primed!
 Even Bill's old side table from his childhood!
 The footboard is primed
 Bill added a piece of trim for detail on the bed's head board & foot board & with the left over pieces he added them to the nightstand. The two pieces now look like they belong to each other, same trim detail & colour!

Mitchell your always asking if your room is done...well now with your dad's help - it is!!
Here's the spare room now...
 The paint is Canadian Tire's Benjamin Moore's - Palest Taupe, the  track lighting from IKEA & bedding from April Cornell. I'm so pleased at how everything came together.
 The shutter's I picked up at the Goodwill last winter for $3 a pair, they fit beautifully in this room! The corner shelf I got at the Salvation Army  this summer for $1.50 & painted it the same colour as the room. It's just enough to hold a water decanter or fresh flowers.

 The room is very small but has a spacious feeling with the light colour & the mirror creates depth at the end of the room.
 The night table has a drawer, it's drying downstairs & will have two pewter pull knobs on it.
 Can't believe that this room was here the whole time, just needed some paint & decorating. It was the catch all room since we arrived in May.
 You can't see the headboard but the foot board looks great at the end of the bed!
Mitchell - Your bedroom awaits your arrival next month!

Happy Birthday To Me....

 I made myself a gluten free birthday cake & had some berries to enhance the flavour with fresh fruit.
Thank you for all those that sent me best wishes via mail, email, text, phone, or just stopping by! Bill you really made this birthday very special & I love my 'Birthday Garden'.

I remember my 40th birthday...I awoke crying & cried all day, I thought that I was doomed with that birthday! But now being on the backside of fifty, my life couldn't be better. I love my life & I'm thankful for the family & friends that I have in my life. God bless you all...I know He already has blessed me!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cynthia. You still look very young.
    Wow, your hubby sure is quick at getting his honer do list. The room looks great and so does the flower bed.