Monday, July 29, 2013

Roman Shades Done!

Yes I've finally finished that task...what a monkey on my back it was. I think it was because I don't mass produce the same think & it was like 'Groundhog Day' over & over. I worked a lot of that colour too, it's the same check as the kitchen drapes. It was worth it though, now when I look into the sun room it was as I visualized.

 Light & airy,  perfect for those hot August days fast approaching.


 Elizabeth was over cutting out her wee red quilt pattern so I played on making a bolster pillow from the leftover greatroom curtains. It was meant to be, the scrap for the width was perfect & I used a bread & butter plate for the circle used at the end of the pillow & a 16" zipper was just right. I love it when things fit just right!

If you can dream it - you can do it.
Epcot motto.

 I promised my granddaughters that we would make friendship bracelets on their visit to the east coast. Well I had to teach myself first, it wasn't too bad. I used Mustang colours for mine, I think they'll have fun doing it.


 I took some time to make some gluten free yummies for my son Don  that's arriving with the family this Thursday, he too has a gluten sensitivity. Banana bread always tastes better after a few days.

I also made him date squares with the gluten free oatmeal & flour. I've been sampling & it tastes so good with a cup of tea. :)
I've lost 14 pounds now since I've come east, something tells me it's going to be a challenge with company & all the entertaining that's going to go on next week with Don, Melissa, & the kids & Bill coming too! Eat, drink & be merry...a happy time of getting together.
I'll have to use my video package that I got at the yard sale on the weekend, it's Leslie Simone's Walk Yourself Slim - 5 mile walk. I like walking. :) I like food. ;0 & I love my family. Let the festivities begin! I'll just walk on...later.

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  1. Your Roman shades are beautiful and the sunroom looks lovely and fresh.

    Enjoy your's family visits and I wish you good luck with keeping the weight off. To make sure you do, gather something that weigh 10 pounds and see how much it weights to carry it around and you'll probably will be able to restrain yourself a bit. lol
    Hugs, JB