Saturday, July 27, 2013

Playtime Procrastination

I've been doing just that, playing with a few ideas & simple pleasures!

 I've been looking at this plain brown cushion...hummm I put a pin in the center & began to play...

 I machine appliqued four anchors on it. It's a pattern I use often for that nautical feel, it's on quilts & hooked rugs. Simple but effective, making the pillow more interesting. I used a leftover fabric strip from the roman shades. Yes still three to do! Did I mention the word procrastination. lol

The cat hair attaches quite nicely to that chocolate brown pillow, ask Bose if she cares! lol

 On this day, it's still & quiet -  look in the wing back chair...

What's that saying...'Let a sleeping dog lye'


My girlfriend Jean was over the other night & had left, only to call me to tell me to go in front of my vehicle & look at the beautiful rainbow at the end of the lane way. Well I did just that with camera in hand & here's that beautiful rainbow!

 It really had more colour in it looking at that day. Nature loves to give us a free show that makes us smile. I love rainbows, you can't have rainbows without rain.  And have we had rain!! The basement is wet again, it took months to dry & two days to get it all wet again. My studio had five different areas leaking, I'm so glad that the roof will be fixed soon. But I do like rainbows...


 Yes Stoneware Horse is now done & I just have to bind it off. It is the biggest rug I've made & was fun hooking it. The pressing of the rug really finished it off nicely. The chair pad is nearly done,  just 2 more rounds around it & I can finish it off too.

 Tilda got a new sweater.  I've not knit in a while & the pattern from the Sea Shore Tilda book is really off. I'm going to show it to other knitters to see if they can make heads or tails of it. Nowhere was there any sleeves to it?? I know how to make a raglan sleeve & it was a raglan case off after the 'trunk' (UK pattern) was made, so I made my own pattern. This sweater goes on another doll, one that I've not started yet but you'll see later. :-)

 Another Salvation Army find this week.  I go looking every Thursday when I'm in town, I love the hunt of a good find!
 It finishes this chair of beautifully. So much work went into this $1.50 find, I love it!

This mornings find at the yard sale in the Black River Centennial Hall, perfect cottage dishes for the kids & grand-kids & they'll will be here this Thursday. :-)

I picked flowers again this morning, I just love the look of these ones. The leaves have a soft look like a fern or the yarrow's leaf. They also remind me of sunny yellow shank buttons!

Have a great weekend everyone! It's a rainy one here so I'm going to sew...those roman shades.

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  1. I love Tilda, she looks so fashionable in her new sweater
    I also like the wild flowers,
    Are the blinds finished lol