Monday, July 1, 2013

Community Center - Fun Day

The Baie-Sainte-Anne Community Center had a week of festivities that started Monday June 24th-Sunday June 30th. They were working towards raising funds for a new roof over the center.
Sunday, the last day of all the festivities was the day I was involved in. That day would consist of "Galerie d'Art de la Baie" - Artists' of the Baie (I think that's how it would be translated), Lobster Lunch, Family Picnix, Music by Buff & Flo, Amateur Night, & MirAcadie Closing. It was a full day at the community center that day, here's some photos that I took while there from 11am - 6pm.
Bill, with his jet lag from his return from China,  helped Elizabeth & I set up the night before & came back in the morning to help with some finishing touches & returned again for the delicious lobster lunch. I had poutine, it's a huge potatoe ball with a meat center that's boiled. You acquire a taste for them, this is my third year of eating them. I'm still working on it...

 I finished Nick's eagle the night before the show! It was an eye catcher for sure. ;-)
 Next to me was a painter, there was a lot of beautiful painting, see the blue one in the middle of her table, that was one of  favourites.
 My table was next to Elizabeth, who also had several other women that put in a quilt or two but didn't come to the festival.
 Here's Elizabeth's booth, she too is an excellent painter...I had no idea how much talent she kept to herself. The painted quilt rack is also her talent as well as the cross stitch angel's. Quite the woman of talent she is!
 As you can see it was very colourful, lots of eye candy to view for those in attendance. Thank you Bill for helping us bring it all together. Lots of hammering, we were allowed to nail into the wood wall as renovations are going to happen soon.
And if it wasn't the textile of fabric - it was artwork on canvas
 More paintings, I've decided to take painting lessons this September with Izzy, she's located in Hardwicke too! Never got into the painting at art school, I majored in textiles & minored in sculpture.
 My new nextdoor neighbour Margie, makes headstone toppers. The one with the anchor is new & I think will be quite popular in this area, beautiful work Margie!
 Quilts were hung over dividing screens, the braided brown one is very popular here with the quilters - I've not done one yet, maybe next year.

 Contemporary paintings
 More contemporary art
 Beautiful knitted items were on display, till the winter months when they'll be most welcomed & needed.

Then the entertainment started with Buff & Flo, who picked up Beverley from Rexton to join in on what they called their own 'kitchen party'. It was funny to hear Flo(the one in the middle) laugh & speak of Doddette & Raymond Carroll & their kitchen parties, that's their house, my cottage I purchased back in 2009! And raised 10 children in that house. Small world!
 Beverley could really sing Terri Clark music, wow it was great listening to all three of them taking turns on lead & the harmonizing of all three was a joy to hear.

 Flo & Buff are related - sister & brother
 Now the Uncle is invited up to sing, & he had a strong great voice! What a family & the kitchen parties they must have!

 The evening finished up & we all packed up & went home, what a fun full day!

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  1. Wow, that must have been a great day. So many talents with the quilt and painting and everything. I've been wanting to learn to paint too like my sisters and sister in law. but I have a hard time to find some time to even do what I do now.

    That band sound like a lot of good fun. They seem like a happy bunch. Nothing like making music together to have real fun.

    It's raining AGAIN... I'm having a hard time to get my weeding done. The weeds are coming to seed already.

    Have a great week.