Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Frustration :-( ....And Friends :-)

There has just been too much rain too fast & last night nearly did me in!

I had already had a frustrating day waiting on Bell to see why my phone line was dead...and to have them tell me that if it was at my end it was going to cost $60. I've only one jack in the house & I'd talked to Bill from China the morning before & it was working, then it went dead. I was to wait for a tech between the hours of 8am - 6pm & the quote from Craig, the fascia & soffit guy  had come & together we took measurements of the job. He'd not come yesterday, when he called the phone just kept ringing & no answering machine to pick up. I'd several calls that day, everyone though that I was not home. Frustrating, so when he called there was no answer...the phone line was 'not in service'.  Well at 2pm Michele the Tech (same woman that installed my phone in June) called me on my phone to say all is now well & it was a problem in Bell's line. That hurdle is now done & the phone works!

Then I went to pick up some transplanted flowers at Heather's that she gave me, lilac babies & day lilies. My mood had changed & I had my happy face with spirits high once more, and the sun was beginning to shine once more.

So with that task over I went down to the Coop to get a few items on sale with the kids coming. The clouds were building & I could see them moving in as I went into the store.  I said hello to the manager & he told me that there were red weather warning & I said I'd seen the dark clouds coming in. Once in the store I ran into several people I had not seen since my arrival, so the chatting began & with the shopping done, I checked out with groceries.  Happy with my purchases I ran to the car as the rain started coming down, after getting into the car the rain really started & I headed for home...oh my the rain made it impossible to see so I pulled into a driveway & waited. "I can do this" I told myself & started on the highway again...OMG I couldn't see!!! I pulled into the next driveway, turned around & waited (something I don't do so well)" I can do this" I said to myself once more & left the driveway & started up the highway again. The rain was still very heavy & I took a turn off the highway & went to my girlfriend Jean's place, I knew she would have a good cup of tea to calm me down after that incident. She did & a towel to dry me. :)
After the rain stopped I continued home...the backyard was flooded!!

See the tractor in the bush, it's on the other side of the pond at this point! The upside is everything is turning a lush green again...the lawns will need mowing. Yin/Yang.

 These large puddles could attract wildlife!

  This is one of the two pots on my porch awaiting geraniums, they're both filled with 3 1/2" of water. I measured!
Oh,  the rainbows that must be gracing the skies today, not in my area though!

Then I talked to Elizabeth, on my newly working phone, a girlfriend a couple of towns away & she & Aurella were coming over for a visit. It's always great to have a visit with girlfriends. We sat in the sunroom & I asked if they'd like coffee or tea, one of each. Well,  I'd the kettle & coffemaker plugged in on the same see were this is going! I should've / could've , had hindsight with the toaster & kettle incidence, two heating elements = one popped breaker or blown fuse!  I popped the breaker, no worries I'll just pop it back & use another circuit...I opened the basement door to go to the electrical box and to to my horror,  as I looked down the stairs...

  It was flooded!!

 Things were floating...
 Things were submerged...
 Things were soaked...
 Everything that could had to be lifted...

 I've never...
 My new rummage sale door was soaked at the bottom...everything was soaked or floating...the girlfriends sensed my panic & told me to go get Deli, my next door neighbour.

I went next door to get 'HELP'  just driving into the laneway.  My new neighbours Margie & Deli, have been so good to me & the issues I've had to deal with.  Deli said, 'let me get my boots on.' & over the two came.
 Deli picked up Bills tools & putting them up to drain & saying 'it's a good thing this isn't salt water.' Always something positive from him! I felt sick with all of this but I'll tell you there's more to that saying 'I'll get by with a little help from my friends'!
 He couldn't get the breaker situation set right, so I call upon the past owners dad, John. John said he'd be right over & down into the basement he went & got the breaker set right.
The girlfriends stayed for coffee, decaffeinated for me as adrenaline was still running high. Nearly midnight when they left last night & I'd calmed down & was ready for bed.

Oh what I day I had....
I did get a bit of sewing in though waiting for Bell to get my phone line up & running.

R is for Richardson...or should I say Rain !?! what a day, I'll remember the day I made this pillow!

If it was not for all the help from my friends & neighbours keeping me from wits end, I'm ever so grateful. Thank you all.

And for those visiting, this is a witnessing of the 'good things' that people have to offer one another. Friendship!

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  1. Wow, Cynthia, you sure had a lot to deal with. I'm glad that you have good helpful neighbours to lend you a hand. When it rains, it pours...
    II hope that your insurance will cover the water damage.

    I hope that things will go smoother for the rest of the week.

    I had my weeding bucket in the garden that I had left there. It was almost full to the top. We had so much rain, my wheelbarrow was full of water and I had to cut the grass again today. I tell yo, the grass is growing like mad.

    Take care.