Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mow & Sew

Yesterday was just that kind of day, a mow & sew...just  not in that order.

As I procrastinated about all that mowing ahead, I thought I'd add & sew the last pieces of the eagles wing. I went into Kyrotime & it was noon before I knew it. Wow I love this piece, just not all 124 pieces that I sewed on with the buttonhole stitch. It will last for years to come, I made it for my youngest son Nicholas. Since he was a young boy he's always loved the eagle.
Just the border to stitch around & the binding to put on & it will be ready for the quilt show in Hardwicke next month & Nick's wall when it returns to Ontario.

I'm going to echo stitch around the wings in the border
I love the richness of texture in the wings & body with all the brown batiks.

Well playtime has now turned into worktime & wow that grass sure did grow this week.
I would mow for a spell then get off the tractor & rake my cut grass & dispose of it in the woods.
For hours that was the ritual & here is the result.

Looking out to the waters edge from the side porch - thanks Mitchell for making the porch.
Another porch view looking to the woods.
Side view with the birch trees.
Water view with the evergreen trees
The laneway edges were even mowed & it's as long as three city blocks!
Moving this round table & four benches is part of my workout too!
Lane to the waters edge, Diesel (the
neighbours dog) thinks I'm going to the waters edge, he loves walks on the beach.
The grass is lumpy from the big equipment installing the breaker wall, that's a job for Bill when he arrives in a couple weeks.
Diesel wanting my attention to play, he's such a teddy bear dog.
View looking up from the waters edge.
There are so many robins around, I'm delighted as they're one of my favourite birds. Once you see a robin in the spring you know that winter is over!
Loads of grass freshly cut looks so good, now if we could get rid of at least 1/2 dozen of those tree stumps that are in the grass. That's a job for Mitch!
The porch sure has a lot of activity around it. I'll be happy when we have a shed/garage to put things. All in good time. :-)

Look at his little green feet, he is such a companion dog & follows me wherever I go. He sure sleeps well the next day after following the riding lawnmower around for hours on end. He's snoring as I blog!

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  1. Hi Cynthia, you have been like me, working till bedtime. OMG, that eagle quilt is unbelievable, so beautiful. I'm sure that it will do very, very well in the quilt show.
    I love your long drapes. I used to sew drape years ago, the last one I sewed are still hanging in my livingroom window.

    Lots of mosquitoes here too. I have to cover myself up to weed and what I can't cover up I have to use some repellent. Most of all I hate their song.

    Wow, you sure have lots of ground to mow around the house. We got one of those industrial mower for the farm like the city uses and it makes cutting grass a quick job. It is governed by two handle bars like a skidsteer,
    I usually cut the grass at home with a push lawnmower but the last two times I was just too busy so my husband cut the lawn for me with the farm mower.

    Take care and have a great weekend.