Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breaker Wall Begins...

 Last Sunday evening I looked out to see some of the tall ships heading east, wow they sure look small but with the zoom this is the best I could get.
 It was certainly an awe moment for me.
 There were three total that evening.
 I sure am living the dream out here!

And today the large machinery arrived...

 And more machinery arrived as today was the beginning of making the breaker wall on the lands edge
 You get a better scale of the size with the man standing between the machines
 The erosion here is happening at a rapid pace with the strength of the water with the storms
 The men that are working today did the next door neighbours wall last year & said that there was erosion in just a year on our property.
 The water looks so calm & beautiful today but when mother nature acts out...it's a different story.

 Boys & their toys...
 The rocks are being delivered, look at the scale of them!
 More boulders...

 A black material tarp is layered down first, & then the boulders
 I cut the lawn the other night, timing has been everything these days.
 I'll post more after the process is completed.

I started to sew a small drape to go into the window behind my sewing machine. The morning sun is quiet warm & bright. I love my new studio & hope to do a lot of creative things in here this summer

 These old drapes came from my dad`s bathroom 13 years ago. When I left home in the 70`s he turned my bedroom into a bathroom & I made him these lace drapes & lined them with polyester & cotton. They`ve been washed & used for years. I used the top half for curtains at the cottage & found this bottom remnant in a drawer at the cottage the other day. I`m so glad I didn`t throw it out, it made a cute & functional cafe style curtain in the studio! Yes Bill I don``t throw anything out unless it has no value left in it!
 I hung the stain glass piece I made for Namama in the early 90`s when I was doing so much stain glass. That is a craft I want to bring out east here to teach, once that leaky basement is fixed! I`ve several interested students already. :-)
 The Billy bookcases fit perfectly on either side of the window, I`ve not had any leaking since that horrible storm a couple of weekends ago.
 My design wall, holding a few of the embroidered pieces up & two small, vintage children chairs holding up the end of the design wall. These baseboard heaters are causing me to be creative, sure different than forced air heating.

 I did get creative yesterday & made a custom quilted cushion, with matching piping, for the animal chair. Monkey has his, now the elephant is next! Nicola, a girlfriend from England gave me this fabric on one of my visits overseas, now that woman knows how to shop at thrift stores & fabric stores! Oh the finds we found on our outings, she introduced me to Boot Sales. (that`s a flea market of cars, selling out of their trunks!)
 I did take a whole can of Kiwi black shoe polish to them & look at the shine on those craved animals.

 This is Bose, she`s was Bill`s cat when we had our office, then she was Nick`s cat & now she travels with Boris, Tommy, & I.
 I named her after my Bose radio & called her sister Buttons. Buttons & Bose lived at the shop in 1998, they arrived as kittens & would feast upon the mice that lived in the shop. Buttons went missing in 2002, we thought she might have gotten onto a transport being loaded & ended up somewhere...then there was just Bose.
 She has taken residence on my bed during the day & leaves the night shift to Boris, Tommy, & myself. Once the bed is made, she takes her place & stays there only to come downstairs to eat.

 Boris upstairs on the mezzanine

 I visualized my quilts hanging from the railings last year, yes I`ve been to Epcot & the slogan there is - If you can dream it...you can do it!
 A vignette of some of my favourite things
 And some more, I found this Norman Rockwell figurine at the Goodwill. Oh I love a good find! My grandson Sebastian gave me the cross stitch for Christmas one year, it all harmonizes together in the shelf.
 Fragrant lilacs, add a splash of colour.
At the last rug hooking workshop, in London ON, I met a woman that had her own secondhand store & I went for a visit & found this great sign! Oh yes---the pleasure of the find.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day! :-)

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