Monday, June 10, 2013

Last Thursday's Adventure's & Finds

This is the last of the breaker wall photos

I forgot to take my camera down to the water when my girlfriend Doris & I went down to see the other side.
 I'll be sure to show the 'Other Side' next blog.


 I've finally hung the Emily Carr prints that I had at work last decade. She is one of my favourite artists. While in art school , in the 1980"s, I did an "Art About Art", a painting of The Church in the Woods by Emily Carr & made a sculptural fabric version. That sculpture piece made it into an all women, juried art show. It's now in the back of a closet & I think it's time to bring it out east here to be viewed & talked about.
 The Carr pictures were quiet big - however they look in scale with the wall's size & height.

 I hung my hand tuned wind chimes that Nick gave me for Christmas one year. The sound is so beautiful when the wind moves them.

Now The Finds!

There's a church, in Kouchilbouguac(I still cannot pronounce that name) that has been changed into a craft selling store of new & used crafty things. I went to see it last Thursday before my rug hooking day & I found two vintage canvas's to hook.

 This one is so beautiful on its own that I'm going to copy the pattern & transfer it onto another piece of burlap linen & frame this piece. It's a vintage piece to be admired for years to come.

But Wait! There was more...
You cannot see this clearly but it's the Canadian Centennial Rug 1867-1967 & it's a good size!
The corners have maple leaves & the borders have all the territories & provinces flowers around it.
Inside is circles of what made Canada during that time. It's a step back in time for me as I remember that year 1967 as "The Centennial Train" was parked in walking distance to our home & it was FREE to enter. A real treat for a 10 year old child with no money!
 This is it in its entirety, what a find!
 This is the corner with 1967
 All I can think of is that Centennial Maple fabric I made the bedroom drapes from, this my take its place in that bedroom when done.
 Here's the 1867 side of the rug.
 Totem-pole, canoe, fish, bear, flower, church...Oh Canada!
 Thistles(Scotland), maple leaf, lefluer(French), evergreens,clover(Irish),apple tree, oh the influences that our country had at that time.

 I also found this sweet plaque that I've hung in my studio. It is a wall paper piece placed on a piece of painted wood, how clever was that!
See the quilts blowing in the wind, well I've a story for you...
Last Thursday I hung out my blue & white Ralph Lauren comforter that I've had & treasured for years. It was in the spare room in a large plastic bag & before that in the 53 foot trailer so it had some funky smells to it.
I love my new line & put 8 clothes pins to secure it as it aired beautifully in the waterfront breeze.
I had a UCW meeting & got home around 9:30pm & thought I'd just leave that comforter out for the 'night air' now & enjoy the fresh smell come morning.
Well the wind howled through the house that night & the windows shook! Oh my as I awoke I remembered my comforted pegged to the line! I looked out the bedroom window - it was gone!
The clock chimed 2am, it could not have gotten far, so I put my shoes on & my windbreaker & went outside. Luckily I've a 'Dusk to Dawn' light on the property but looking around the blue & white quilt was no where to found. Looking all around I glanced into the woods to see something lighter in colour, could it be? I approached it hoping nothing was around & yes! it was my treasured Ralph Lauren blue & white comforter. I grabbed the corner of it & ran, yes I ran back into the house. Relieved to find it & my heart beating from having to go outside in the middle of the night in a wind storm, glad too that all the neighbours were sound asleep & not witnessing my 'learning curve' of windy nights!
So you see when I look at that wallpaper border plaque, my eyes see & feel something else & I giggle to myself.
I'm learning that the winds next to large bodies of water are quiet different then living inland & I will not do that again!

 I've many, many tree stumps around the property & last night spent time watching a redheaded woodpecker, peck away at the stump.
All these stumps are hard to mow around, I've hit a few since I've been here. The guys are talking about removing them, I think it's going to be a big job - however riding the lawn mower will be easier! I spent 7 hours last Saturday, raking & mowing both the properties before the Sunday rain.
Yes Julia, it is getting better for me & quiet the feeling of accomplishment when I'm all done & look at how beautiful & green it all is. My neighbour said "you've got your work cut out for you this summer" I just smiled & said "I'm a make work program" ;-)

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  1. Too funny, I can just picture you out in your white cotton nightgown, in the woods, chasing after your comforter !