Friday, March 15, 2013

Thrill Of A Good Find!

Yesterday my girlfriend Pat & I were doing so thrift shop looking for a old chair to sit out front of my studio for my cats this spring...when I had the thrill of a find! Yes before me was a beat up bookcase but I knew I had a diamond in the ruff ---
After a good wash to remove the grime & spider nests I started priming it, then remembered to do a before & after. Here it is upside down getting primed.
 I used the kitchen as the work station. Very limited space in this 1916 house, I'm 5'2" & I duck in the basement!
 The shelf had some funky cutouts, no worries though the sides are at the wall.

 Voila! Look at this beauty! I was so pleased with this find, it looks custom made! And the closed bottom will be helpful keeping the dust out from underneath it.

It was meant to be with just one inch to spare on the height & the width. Best part ever...the shelf only cost me $4.00. I already had the primer & paint! Oh the thrill of a good find. :-) What were the odds! I still have the quest for the old chair and maybe the thrill of another find!

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