Saturday, March 30, 2013

R Is For Rabbit

I needed to get a pillow done from the leftover curtain/roman shade fabric & wanted some fun with it, so...

I used the 'R' from U is for Unicorn, a pattern that my girlfriend Cynthia gave me to do for Nicholas. She made that beautiful quilt in my early days of quilting & it took my breathe away. She had appliqued her quilt & I plan on machine quilting mine, so I thought I would give it a try with this block. I also wanted to see how it would work for Nick's Spirit quilt that is still in the making.

I had a lot of fun playing with this pattern the other day. I used wool for the flowers, stems, & rabbits & the left over, black dining room chair upholstery for the 'R'. I'm going to look for the same type of upholstery fabric in a gold for Nick's quilt.


Back to the 'R is for rabbit'
Years ago when the kids were small I use to make a rabbit cake at Easter for them. This Easter I thought I would let the kids relive this Easter rabbit treat & let the grandkids see what we use to have as dessert on Easter Day. Mitchell I would send you some too if I knew how to get it to Calgary in one piece!

Here's how it's done!
A cake mix is used for the ease of time or a recipe that will give you 2 - 8``round pans
 Bake & cool on a wire rack
 This one will be the rabbits face...
 And this one you will cut as shown,the outer cuts will make the ears & bow-tie is left in the center. Try to get the outer ears even as possible, you can see that I did not & my bow-tie is a little lop sided.
 Then move your cake pieces onto a piece of cardboard covered in foil, see the rabbit now!

 I used Betty Crocker`s frosting too! So spreadable over the cake. Save just a little in a small dish & a just a drop of red food colouring to make the pink for the ears. After the whole cake has been iced with the white or chocolate - just thought about that now! I used white because I like the French Vanilla flavour but you can have whatever flavour you want.
To decorate just use some Smarties & shoestring licorice and now have a rabbit!

Alice if my conversation with you did not cheer you up...I hope the visual this colourful sugary treat will!

I`m just glad that the kids will be eating this at the end of their meal & are in the car going home when the sugar kicks in. :-)

Wishing everyone a Safe & Happy Easter!


  1. You are so creative Cynthia. I love both " R" projects.

    I'm sure that the rabbit cake will be a big hit with the kids.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Happy Easter Cynthia. I remember making the same bunny cake when my kids were small. Just love love your pillow!!!!! I want one . lol

  3. Cynthia, your Rabbit pillow is fabulous! Love it! Glad the pattern is still of use to you :)