Monday, March 25, 2013

Roman Sades Finished!

This weekend was a busy one finishing the Roman Shades for the lounge. I had purchased an extra curtain panel to just that! The challenge came when I didn't have the length needed to cut it on the straight of grain. So with some justification that it would be stitched every six inches...and I would have enough fabric if it was cut on the cross-grain for all three panels & a small rectangular pillow, I began my project. The blinds have blackout lining to aid with the seasons harshness. And I'm very pleased with all the work for this out come!

 This is an evening photo of the roman shades closed.
 This is a all pulled up photo, ready to greet the snow this morning!
 An evening shot to show the drapes hanging with shades down. The drapes are lined with a light cotton & I'm going to inner line them with the black out. The west setting sun in the summer is so intensely hot.
A morning shot with Bill working from home on his laptop, after arriving from China last night. He's having a hard time with the cold, I keep the house at a even 64F & it was 28C in China yesterday & very humid.
This room is nearly done. I'll have about 20 roman shades to make at the cottage this year! I took advantage of the Fabricland sale this weekend & bought a spool of blind tape & a 1000ft spool of the nylon/polyester thread. The salesperson asked if I had a business & I just smiled & said  " well kind of, with a house, cottages, & rental property, it does keep me busy." I'm very pleased with the outcome of these blinds! Just a drop in the bucket for my summer days ahead with all the cottage sewing of roman shades & drapes. I love decorating though!

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  1. Wow, your lounge is looking really good with the roman shades. You always do such a great decorating job like a pro... I love the brightness in the room.
    I hope that the temperatures stays warm to melt all that snow. I can't wait to go dig in the flower beds.

    Wishing you a Happy Easter,