Monday, March 11, 2013

A Wee Bit of Irish

 The 'Luck Of The Irish' flag that I made decades ago from a kit from the Hobby Lobby in Kansas City fly's proudly from the front of the house.

As Lucy stands in the snow ---
She's adorable in her tie (thanks for tying the knot for me Bill) & her shamrock hat. I was thrilled to dress her for under $4.00!

 The mailman will notice the green today too! The mailbox has been topped off with some green shamrock decorating.

 The snow is still on the lawn -- living on the north-side of the street is NOT living on the sunny side of the street! It does look nice across the road though, the green grass is starting to emerge through the snow.
So for now I'll improvise with the green decorating as we lead up to St. Patty's Day.

These are my Grandparents, Grandpa Haynes was from Liverpool England & Grandma's, Taff family came from the county of Cork, in southern Ireland. They were quite the pair & lived to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary before Grandpa's passing. I spent much time with these two while growing up & visiting them when I could.
St. Patty's Day for sure was when I'd go to see Grandma. I can still her her voice saying "Come on in duck, I'll put the kettle on." Gosh, even as a grown woman...I miss my Grandparents.

So for the wee bit of Irish that's in me --- Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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