Sunday, February 10, 2013

Napkins...To Pillow

This winter is so unusual, it's feast or famine with the snow & tomorrow is the high of 6 Celsius  with rain for the rest of the week. I've decided to fight the blues with some creativity. This would involve up cycling a part of napkins to coordinate with the pillow shams I had made last month. Using one of each colour it could then be made reversible.
Here are the napkins...
 This is the ivory side to the pillow...
This is the blue side of the pillow. To think that the pillow shams were the placemats & now the napkin is also a pillow.
 This is the overall effect, I just love it when things go as planned!

 This is another new idea that I came up with! I'm moving my bedroom from the back of the house to the front of the house. I've not slept there since the early 80's.
My husband Bill & son Nicholas did a beautiful job on this spare room. The plaster & lathe have been removed, insulation has been added & the new drywall & paint look great. There was also a new window put in just before Christmas too! The sound & feel in that room is so cozy.

 The door needs to be shaved down to accommodate the new wood floor. The baseboards go on next week & the custom closet door & light fixture (one that I purchased from Laura Ashley on one of my England trips). One thing that is consistent with me is that I love change, change that I can make my own through decorating with the use of  colour & design. The use of my God given gift & one that makes me feel that I'm in my element.



                                                     Stoneware Horse Update

 I had to use the wool to see another colour...with more coloured pennies to come!

 There's so much open black/grey space to hook! It's the colour pennies that will keep me going.

38 days till spring! My husband laughed at me today when I told him that, he said "most people count the days till Christmas, you count the days till spring." I love the spring season with all the beautiful colours from the earth emerging to greet this season & the fashion changes from the dull winter colours.

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  1. Thanks Cynthia, for counting the days before spring. Only 38 days....
    You've done a great job on those shams and that pillow with the napkins and place mats. It all goes together so well. I love the whole look.

    You got a lot done on your stoneware horse. It looks beautiful and I just love those shades of blue.

    You are always creating and making things look so good. You have a great gift for decorating.

    We are sure having a different winter. Hot and cold will not be good for my newly planted daylilies. They were planted so late in the fall. I hope that a least a few survives.

    Take care and stay warm and safe.