Monday, February 18, 2013

North Bedroom Finished ;-)

The north bedroom is finally finished...ahead of schedule too!

 The plaster & lathe gone, insulation installed, drywall, mudding & sanding done, finalized by the  painting of the walls & trim work now complete & old floor torn out and a new hardwood installed. Replacing the 1949 floor ,it was that year that the 2nd story went on this house, taking it from a three bedroom bungalow to a triplex. Many a renter has come & gone since my arrival in June 15th, 1980. We kept it a rental till the four baby arrived & we  as a family need more space.This room was made into Donald, Mitchell, & Nicholas' bedroom about 1990. To think all three boys were biefly, in this small room!  Donald helped his dad as they would construct his bedroom. That would be his 1st lesson in wiring & window installation as his bedroom was constructed from the upstairs apartment's kitchen. Today that room has changed again & is now the upstairs laundry room.

 I really wish we would have done before & after with this room. Notice the slant in the ceiling---well my canopy bed would not fit, this is a brass bed I was going to take to the cottage, however the canopy will look get there too.
 A few of my favourite things had to come with me to this new room many things just didn't fit :-(
 The bed linens look just as good in this room...if not better!
 The room is a bit smaller but feels even smaller without the vaulted ceiling, cozier I hope. Well I'll see as tonight is my first night in this lovely room.

 One my favourite husbands old cowboy boots. I sleep better knowing I know 'who's bed his boots been under' lol


With the bedroom being ahead of schedule Bill started on the lounge. It's going to have a new coat of paint & crown molding installed next weekend.

 So for this week I have a lounge that looks like it's had chickpox & has been coated with calamine lotion. lol

 Yes with change comes CHAOS, oh my-- renovating and living in it is hard! Bill put a deadline of the Daytona 500 race day to have the bedroom finished. Next weekend is that time, I'm glad the TV is in the room that he will be working - that's convenient  for my handsome & handy guy!
My work comes in with painting trim & making three new roman shades for the bay window & drapes for the patio door.

Till next weekend...update & photos to follow.

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  1. Thanks for the update. It's all looks so promising with newness are around. Nothing like renovations to give new life to a room. You did a fantastic job with the bedroom. You are very talented, and your dog rug is amazingly beautiful, and looks like a picture of your dog. I bet he's happy to call it his own. lol.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the reno.