Monday, February 25, 2013

Lounge Is Finished :-)

The lounge is finished & it was a lot of work for Bill to cover over the dark green ceiling to create this fresh bright white, three coats to be exact! It was Home Hardware's best ceiling paint so he was hoping for just two coats, the third made all the difference.
The walls were done with Canadian Tire's Benjamin Moore's Origins line, with the built in primer & it went on like a dream, needing only two coats. The colour may read white in the photo, it's really called 'serene', it's a silver/mauve hue.
All the trim & cutting in was done by me with the Benjamin Moore's Aura semi-gloss-'cloud white', that paint is so expensive but worth it for coverage & years of washing.

It's been this avocado colour for nearly 10 years. The trends are saying that the dark colours of navy, burgundy  & dusty rose & blue are all coming back. What's old is new again...been there.

Those that know me know I love to paint & change things up. These days I opt for a more neutral background & change the drapes & pillow accents up. Benjamin Moore's Manchester Tan is usually my signature colour throughout this house. A designer Brian Gluckstien introduced to to this colour years ago on Cityline TV, when Marilyn Denis hosted. This Manchester Tan is from the Historical Collection, making it a timeless classic colour.

This new colour gives a feel of freshness & openness. I'm just going to love do my hand stitching in here, day or night.   
 Yes, I even painted out the fireplace, something I've been wanting to do for years. I swear it's a guy thing that you cannot paint on wood. There are some woods that I just would not touch, like cherry & walnut. The fireplace I painted was in an oak veneer, the grain lines still show through, stunning new look.

 Boris loves the new feel to the room too. The cats are having a hard time as they're not allowed on the new reclining chairs. They still have the love seat to snuggle up on as I leave a quilt on it for them. Tom & Jerry were born in 1998 - these cats are quite set in their ways. lol

 Mirrors & pictures are sitting waiting to be hung...drapery is now needed to defuse the hot west setting sun & roman shades for the bay window. Snow storm coming in again, that means staying indoors & sewing for me.
 The wall scones were reinstalled & are on a dimmer, for a softer evening light. I think as we age...we all look better on dimmers! lol
I just love the before & after look...

 Boris is just happy the house is starting to settle back down, he's been losing his beauty sleep over these reno's. I won't talk about the kitchen getting painted or the backstair case... he's snoring as I type this blog. lol

Sweet Dreams Boris

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