Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mane And Tail...

Head & shoulders, mane and tail are now completed.

 The background is going to be the boring part as it's all the same old-same old...grey and black. So I'm doing the background before the end border. With my eye on the prize of being able to play with another texture & loads of colour.
 It will be fun choosing the left out scraps of colours from the last primitive rug I did for the outer border of this rug.

 I wanted  the mane & tail have a different look the the body so I used Briggs & Little Country Roving to add a new texture.

Head & shoulders, mane & tail are now completed! The Stoneware Horse is well on it's way to being used this summer at the cottage.


  1. Wow, Cynthia, you must be so pleased with the stoneware horse. It's a beauty. You've got an awful lot of hooking on it. You put me to shame. i need to get hooking again and stay off the computer.

    Have a great weekend, can you believe that Saturday is Groundhog Day?

  2. Thanks Julia, just 6 more weeks left of this winter-either way. I love spring, it's so rejuvenating to see the earth come back to life again.
    This weekend is going to be great, my husband Bill returns from his business meetings in China.
    Have a great weekend too! stay warm with your rug hooking.