Thursday, January 10, 2013

Placemats to Pillow Shams

 With winter another blanket layering was needed in my bedroom with no heat. It's proven that you sleep better in a cool room & cool temps preserve things longer me!!  I covered the polyester duvet with this April Cornell one I had purchased years fit nicely & has been warm too.
The duvet was a sale item & the shams were sold out. The bed looked so unfinished without shams.  I did however purchase the only four placements left at that time, two blue & two ivory, both would co-ordinate with this collection. This collection was dated 2000...thirteen years later I finally got around to using the duvet cover & re purposing the placemats for shams.
I can hear my husband..."You still have everything that you've ever bought"! And for a good practice too, it's being used now at a fraction of the price to buy it today. I cannot believe the cost of things today!
 I chose to use the blue placemats. I unstitched the outer hem of the placemat & sashed the outer edge to fit the pillows I had with a fabric from my stash. I also made matching piping to go around the edge.
 Voila! a pair of matching shams now grace the head of the bed.
 Today was a sewing lesson with my new sewing machine on the use of buttonholes. I made a sample & it was so easy! The six to follow would go the same, what a joy when things go as planned. I like to button shams on the back or the use of ties or Velcro. The use of some kind of closure  on the back, makes the front look neater, specially after numerous uses.


I put in a few stitches in my Stoneware Horse last night with some of the blue wool. I spent the majority of my time unwinding the twist of the new Briggs & Little yarns. I had to chuckle as my neighbour out east taught me to unwind them last summer ( it was for when I'm on my own back in Ontario!) I went over to have her hold or wind the yarn as I had seen my grandparents do during my growing up years. She showed me how to use my knees to hold the yarn as you unwind it off your legs to a ball in your hands. Merci, Madame Martin!

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  1. Cynthia, you are so incredibly creative. I have to hand it to you. You do beautiful work. It looks as good if not better than the store bought one I've seen.

    I like the blue colors of your horse rug too. I'm not sure if it's for the bedroom, but it would look nice in there.

    I love Briggs and Little yarn and I use the back of a chair that has two post to hold the skien while I make the ball. I haven't knitted for a couple of years now. Blogging takes up a bit too much of my spare time.

    Have a great weekend