Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vienna - Day Two

We were to catch a bus tour at 10:30am, a three hour tour...sounds like the song for Gilligan's Island!
Still in walking distance to get the bus, these are the sights along the way...

Stunning building architecture to be seen everywhere your eyes could roam. It felt like a dream, the colours so vibrant from the day before's rain storm.

 Close up of the fountain as we walked by...arriving at The Opera House

More views looking away from The Opera House

 So beautiful & the sound of the flowing water from the fountain, adding to the ambiance that surrounds you.
 Bus Time! Three hours of touring & getting out at The Schonbrunn Palace
After getting off the bus, we were ushered to the toilets and charged .65CDN cents to use the toilet. It brought back memories of my Eaton shopping days downtown at The Wellington Square. As a child we would wait till the way was clear & shimmy under the door to open it for our elders. The doors now go all the way to the floor, to keep such events from not happening!LOL
 Sights from the bus---
More Sights
 Finally-Schonbrunn Palace
 Fountain in the center
A view from the back of the Palace, oh my the acreage  to this estate!
 1100 rooms, 2000 servants to tend to the palace. We only had 1 hour to view this enormous estate, those with more time & not on our bus, walked all the way to the building in the background!
 Close up of building, nice zoom lense. Mitch & Nick I cannot thank you boys enough for the gift of this camera XOXO.
 A small piece of the palace
 Back of the palace
 A rose tunnel, oh my how sweet the smell & how rich the contrasting colour of red & green!
 How pretty is this!! It makes me want to take my front garden down & build a small scale one of these!
 I'm still thinking about it... I've been to Epcot, motto "If you can dream it - you can do it"
 The roses were everywhere & in every colour imaginable.
 The contrast of the black pergola, intensified the roses colour & grounded the building.
 Three hours of awe and now off to The Leopold Museum
 Modern Functional Art
 Very Modern Building

Bill & I saw the Klimt Collection, floor after floor of all his life & work. And Hoffman originals!! I was in heaven! That ends our day of Vienna.

 Sights from our hotel, can you see to the left the roof-top garden?
Looking out our balcony door  
 Here's a zoom of that roof-top garden
Construction was underway across from us, with the jet-lag I slept right through it & The Flying Pigs, Spain & Italy Football game, with all the cheers & fights!  
 Good Bye Hotel K&K Maria Teresa
Even Vienna's garbage burner has style, took this photo as 'something I'd never seen before' our driver amused, smiled & told it was the garbage incinerator. Well, there's a surprise upon leaving!

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