Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home Again

Well we arrived home again in Canada & now have the memories & a few purchases to look at & smile with the memories that came with them. The fabric shop that had trims, look to the far left of the photo to see what was hanging in my studio for years, a gift from a Hungarian family member, it's a very old piece of ribbon. Then the ribbons I purchased in the village, so familiar to me when I first saw them! The headpiece,  I saw as a table-topper, not a headdress, however Kristyna said on special occasions it could be used on the table. I just love the colours of the ribbons used in their costumes & planned on incorporating them into some of my quilt designs & the larger ones as bell pulls to hang in linear areas, to add a splash of colour to otherwise dull areas, in my home. I also found variegated perele cotton thread for some embroidery projects, again the colours were beautifully bright.
 Mustang leather shoes!! How could I not try on a pair of these! I've been racing Mustang cars since 1999, these are going to get a lot of wear this summer--however not at the track racing, another year away from the track as everyone moves into new careers, apartments, & workplaces. Not to forget my move to the cottage in a month. Even the shoes have fun colours, I just love them!
 My love for sheep made me want this little polyester curtain, it's in my front studio window, so sweet with the embroidered sheep & trees.
Lace curtains were in abundance as I looked at the European buildings, so of to the drapery shop to find me some. After seeing the wee sheep one I saw this wonderful textured one & pointed to it--the shop person brought done the display & in Czech told me it was the last one. Now it hangs in my home at the base of the stairs, a constant reminder for me of this wonderful adventure that I'm now home from.
This morning I made Bill a blueberry pie & as I reached overhead in the cupboard to pull down the cooling rack, the round ceramic Pampered Chef pizza plate rolled out & fell on my big toe, then onto the stone kitchen floor & broke into many pieces! I'm now nursing a very sore toe. I don't think it's broke, just sore--however it will be slowing me down this weekend as a sort myself out with jet-lag of 6 hours.

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