Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Journey Begins...

My journey to Europe begins by taking the train, followed by a plane, then automobile! First was the train, thank you Lynn for collecting me at 7am to begin my journey & for looking after Boris & Diesel too!!
Once in Brampton-GTA I spent the very first night in Bill's new apartment, on the 27th floor! This is a view from his balcony, it overlooks the Rose Theater & Brampton's downtown. 
 I was nervous walking out on the balcony for these photos, makes my tummy flip or something, it just doesn't feel right to be so high.
I tried to get a photo of the CN Tower, it was a hazy day of 29 degrees & it just didn't show up in the haze.

 The CN Tower is there but too hazy, maybe on my return the weather may have a clearer day. Brampton has a lot of trees in it, London is known as the Forest City, however this city may be a close 2nd. It's a very clean city & has NO tagging, something you cannot get away from in London.
The flying begins on this 777  Air Canada plane...this is a pod in the 1st class. Bill cashed in a lot of his travelling points to put me here, thank you sweetheart XO. Yes it's champagne that I'm drinking & then I'm going to watch a movie & recline & go to sleep, with Bill just behind me snoozing too. This flight will take us to England's Heathrow Airport, then another smaller plane to Vienna & the journey begins...

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