Sunday, June 24, 2012

Canning Begins - Strawberry Jam

 This weekend was devoted to canning strawberry jam. Off to Heeman Garden Center for a flat of strawberries. These berries are so much smaller than the ones bought at the grocery store, however much tastier in sweetness & oh so red in colour, no green tips on these beauties.
 Washing & hulling until my fingers were wrinkled up from the moisture of the wet berries
 Cutting & mashing came next
 My assembly counter line on this produce line

 Now into the pot for the cooking of the jam, the kitchen smelt heavenly sweet with the strawberries stewing
Now the finished jars, after their bath. Well it happened again...the jam did not firm up to my liking! It's great over ice cream sundaes or spooned into yogurt but for toast, it has to be spooned on. I'm going to try again with another flat & use Certo  in this batch. The recipe I used was mashed strawberries, four cups & equal sugar & 1/4 fresh squeezed lemon juice. I boiled it...maybe not long enough. I slowly brought it to a boil, then 15 minutes boiling, it dripped off the spoon from the freezer rather slowly, so I thought I was good to go to the jars, then for 15 minute  bath. I've a much better success rate with Chili Sauce, that's not till the fall though. Mustn't wish my summer away. I will perfect this technique of jam making! All my mentors are on the east coast, thank you for your help yesterday Jean. I'm thinking I rushed through the boiling process with this recipe. I'm using Certo with the next batch...I'm hoping the Kitchen Fairy is with me this time!

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  1. Your little bottles of jam looks so nice.

    I used to make lots of strawberry jam and I always used Certo so I can't help you there. As long as there's enough sugar to preserve it, I don't think that it makes much difference if it's runny a bit, it will be lovely on pancakes and ice cream. I no longer make any as I developed a severe allergy to strawberries. I may be able to have a little cooked but I'm too scared to try.