Saturday, June 8, 2019

Wonderful Spring

These days are one of change, change of season & the great room has recently changed out its furniture too! And I'm loving both!

This empty area now has comfy leather pieces filling it.

It was a Costco order that was delivered, unpackaged, & set in place by Premier Moving Co. & what a pleasure it was to have them in our home to do their job.

 Bill has claimed this chair as his & enjoys the feel of the new comfy chair.

 This furniture is not made with petite people in mind so the cushions are added to allow one's feet to touch the floor!
 The filling is of down feathers giving a soft feel to the leather but it has a sturdy construction.
I use a serving tray on the ottoman when having drinks in the great room.
It's tricky ordering online for furniture but Costco has never let me down on any of the purchases made through the years & I've been a member since 1992.

An Adventurous Day

Last Saturday Jocelyne & I headed out to Rexton for a quilt show & sale & what finds were to be found!

 These four placemats & two center toppers were all quilted by hand, an art I admire as my hands are too arthritic to produce such beauty. All these beautifully done pieces for $20.00!! Start the car!!

I saw them & could feel the summer in the colours. Do you not think of watermelon!

 Rhubarb flowers? I did not know that you must remove them to get more stalks out of your rhubarb, it is truly a learning curve for me on how to grow this summer plant. Did you know that rhubarb is really a vegetable?!
I just loved the look of the rhubarb flower & had to display it on the kitchen counter so I could admire it. Next year will be a different story as it will be removed promptly.

 The same artist had the topper in blue & I purchased it too! Very quickly as it was for sale for $5.00!

 Yes, it too was had quilted!

 There was also handwoven items & I purchased the one that looked like the Hudson Bay colours.

 A few fabrics were purchased to add to my stash &current  projects in the process of finishing.
I think the anchors are going to look great on the nautical picnic blanket.

A small red inner border & a wider anchor border will work well to finish this quilt off.

I love touring with Jocelyne & she said: "If you want to shop in Frenchies I have the time."
The car turned into the parking lot & we were off for the 'find'.

Look at what I found!!

 1970   made in England dish set!
All 45 pieces for $19.99! Oh, the thrill of the find & those that know me to know my love for beautiful dishes can feel my excitement!

What a beautiful set called MANITOU by Grindley, it's a genuine ironstone set that was love at first sight! How classic to have black & white dishes now that will coordinate with the white dishes.

And also with the other black & white loves of my life, all my furbabies!

That day had a twist to it too!

Upon going into the store I did not want to take my purse so I grabbed my wallet & locked the door.
After purchasing the dish set & the cashier saying that the box may not be strong enough I said no worries I would go to my car & get the fabric grocery bags.
I tried to open the trunk... the car was locked & so was the keys that I left in my purse! Oh, what a sinking feeling being in Rexton locked out of my car.
Next question, what was the door combination?! I have locked the keys in the car the same way about 6 months ago but lucky for me it was only one village over & Heather was there & drive me home to get the spare keys. This time I'm over 1hr away from home & now these finds are going to be expensive finds as a locksmith has now been called & is 45 mins out.
I played with the combination over & over, it was an easy one to remember 6 months ago but what was it?!!
I was at wit's end when I thought to myself, please help me! And the doors all clicked & opened!
Needless to say, I was even more thankful on Sunday as I prayed at mass.

Oh, the adventures I've been having & all good ones.
This month is the beginning of seeing friends as everyone starts their summer vacation. I'm so happy to share my beautiful area with those that travel to the east coast & look forward to the summer beauty that has been a long time coming!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit & I hope you to have wonderful plans for your summer!

Be careful on the roads as the wildlife is abundant & I've seen two moose so far!
Happy safe travelling!

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  1. OMG I can so relate to locking your keys in the car. I've done it twice - to my horror. Now I clip the keys to my body somehow (belt loop usually) before I ever leave the car.