Friday, May 31, 2019

Spring Luncheon With The Richibucto Rug Hookers

Yesterday was such a fun full day with our annual spring luncheon with like-minded rug hookers from Richibucto. In the fall they will host us at The Anchor in Richibucto & we'll share all the laughter & friendship again.
Here are the photos of our (Miramichi Rug Hookers) spring luncheon & the talented projects.

The welcome table had fresh daffodils & hand tatted bookmarks & seed packets for our guests.
I was the last one to arrive as Thursday mornings are my kickboxing mornings, so I was moving as this event started at 10am & I finished at that time. The Boston's need to be let out & clothes needed to be changed, I did that grabbed my devilled eggs & cherry tomatoes for the luncheon table & was out the door to attend this special annual event!

 The room was abuzz with a conversation & everyone was busy with their current projects.

 In the distance, the ladies were in the kitchen preparing the luncheon.

It was a fun time had by all & the Miramichi Rug Hookers had organized this event with project organizing tables of four & the luncheon table off to the end of the room.

The luncheon was sandwiches & finger foods at the top end of the table, everything was delicious!

                                                   The ending with dessert was so good!

 Lovely ladies, thank you for smiling at the camera!

                              There were nibbles for everyone with some left over!

Show & Share Of Work Done By Everyone

So much talent!!!

 Susan, the younger sister of Marg, the Miramichi Rug Hooking founder that passed away this March, brought in some of Margs rug hooking stash to be given to the Richibucto Rug Hookers in her memory.

Katie explained the process, the rug hookers were to be given a bag & to freely take what they could use or like.

 They listened to Katie & laughed at Susan's comment of her sister Marg being a 'hoarder of wool'. lol

 Then the wool feast began...

 The ladies were so pleased & I know Marg would have been too! As the bags filled the table emptied & discussion on the future projects & possibilities of this wool began.

 The table was now empty with just the wooden birdfeeder & birdseed left.

This was handmade by Richard, Susan's husband & the draw was open to everyone in attendance.
As the name was drawn I always say 'Pick me, pick me!' To my surprise, it was 'Cynthia... '
I screamed with delight knowing I was the only Cynthia in the room!!

                                         Yes, she did pick me! Thank you, thank you!!

Myself with Marsha, she is one talented woman that has inspired many a person with her talent. It was she that told the story of first meeting Marg & her friends at an event in 2009  & later would start the Miramichi Rug Hooking Guild in 2010. I joined in 2011 & had the privilege of having Marg & Katie teach me the art of rug hooking & pattern transferring to burlap & the joys of linen burlap!

It was a wonderful time & fun filled the day with like-minded women & I look forward to seeing them all again through summer events.

Cynthia - A fellow (rug) hooker!

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