Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Buds Are Blooming!

The weather has been a chilly sunny one most days & tomorrow it is rain & snow showers, oh my spring is here & the snow is almost gone! The daylight is so much longer coaching the hay coloured grass to come to life with the colour green again. All these changes make my heart sing, it was a very long winter here for me.

 The dining room view has blue water to view again & looks so inviting when the sun shines on it!

 The bluebirds are back in their nest again, another sure sign of spring! And the neighbour was itching to get on his lawn mower once again, even if it was to just move the pinecones into a pile.

 Laundry is drying quickly with the ocean breezes & sunshine, yes that is snow to the right!

 Snow is melting in the sunshine & creating large puddles that I have to keep Bridget & Baxter out of, they have got a pool but its too early to fill it up for them. After a good run playing fetch, they cool off in those mud puddles!

 Melted snow puddles soon will be absorbed by the ground & the Boston's lagoon will be gone!

I told Bill to jump in his boat for a picture. lol

 The rose bush is looking great, it was a bit stressed with the transplant last year & is loving its new location by the front porch.

 This will be one to watch in the months to come! The aroma from those beautiful pink roses are just another smell of summers arrival.

 The anniversary Garden is coming to life & the pink flowering plant(can't remember what it's called) has been a real hot spot for the bumblebees.

 The hen & chicks are waiting for the bird bath to be put into that circle. It was still covered with snow when the kids were here & the cement items are still in storage. Mitchell added the huge urn to the backyard before he left for Alberta. XO

 The snowball bush, a gift from Heather, is thriving beautifully & so is the rhubarb!

Tulips have their buds, here's to hoping that the squirrels don't get them before they bloom.

 Ten years ago I planted three rose bushes at the cottage & all but one stayed alive over the years. We transplanted that one here in Hardwicke. One day after the cottage was demolished, Bill & I noticed this rose bush shoot sticking out. Bill brought it home & planted it & it took, this year should be a better year for it.

 The French Lilacs are thriving beautifully, it has strong thick branches & the blooms are getting larger every day!

Laneway Stroll

Let's take a stroll down the laneway.

Maple buds & blue skies!

Love days like these!

This clump of the flowers are the only ones down the black gravel lane. I hope the bees like it.

So many of our trees have fallen this year & this one was blocking our neighbours' driveway.

It's still swampy in the woods with large puddles that need to dry up. Wood for the firebox needs to be cut & split, wish that our boys lived at this end of Canada but each lives where the work is.

This tree looks like it fell before its time if it was Fall it could have been wreaths & garland.

Lots of bugs for the woodpeckers & other insect-eating animals.

Leftover red/white tulips honouring the 150th birthday of Canada.

75 bulbs were planted on each side of the garbage bin but we had to move the garbage bin for the snowplow & I thought all the tulips were transplanted to the backyard gardens, surprise there's more!

My heart was singing seeing these buds & blue skies!

The ferns are peaking out too!

The small ditch to the pond has slowed down too, it was nearly overflowing its bank earlier.

Lets Stroll To The Shore

It was a windy day & the water is churned up but no ice is left!

The big tree to sit on is still on the shoreline.

And more driftwood has joined the tree too! Beach bonfire.

Bay du Vin Island will stay quiet until August with the Bay du Vin Days when it comes to life.

Miramichi Bay!

A view from the shoreside of the house. It does stay warm & cozy through the harsh winds & snow.

The cement urn will come to life with annual flowers in a few weeks. Bill's loading his truck with Costco flowers when he comes back from Italy. A colourful homecoming for sure!

The bush that Jocelynne gifted me with is thriving too & seems happy to see spring!

The cottage garden is getting ready for the warm morning sun to sing their praises too.

These chives have a purple pompom fun flower!

This is going to be the new home of a garage for storage of outdoor equipment. The winters here are long & harsh & the tarp covers just get ripped off with the storms. Construction will be done after the ground is prepared & the trailers will have a new place adding to their longevity for use in the future.

This is the largest last piece of snow left on the property, it should be gone by June!

The wind brought snow drifts & our plow guy put the neighbours' laneway snow there too, soon to be a puddle. But like Frosty The Snowman, it will be back!

These are the geraniums in the laundry room, I love the colour of their flowers.

Sewing Project

With our family growing & Christmas this year we have all our kids & their partners, I'm making PJ's for our Christmas Eve family photo. Leslie left me her PJ bottoms & I made her this set.

It is in flannel but has Fall coloured cats on it. I had just a piece of fabric left so I made her a sweet little top like the ones we use to make from pillowcases for little girls. It worked so she now has a pop-top to wear with her bottoms. I have Nick's dino bottoms to make this week then I'll mail them out to Ontario for them. XO

Leslie loves the cats so much I thought this would make her heart sing wearing these cool cats!

Mother's Day Surprise

Nicholas surprised me with gardening tools.
What really got me was the day before they arrived I was looking out the great room window at the weeds coming through the black gravel & thinking I have to find the weed tool but remembered it being so corroded that it broke. The thought about how much pain I'm in with these hips & arthritis taking over my body. And then this arrived the next day!

A stool that you can kneel on with a bag to the side that holds the tools in use! And all these ergonomic tools with handles that help you get your body up!

A Lee Valley surprise for sure!

The kneeling stool also flips...

To be a stool & the holder fits that adjustment too!

And it folds flat to be stored on a shelf!

Rexton the Manx was curious to my excitement of this arrival & wanted in on the photo!

Mr. Boots was not as excited & slept through our excitement. lol

Well that is about all for now, I know it was a long visit but I'm sure happy you stopped in!
We have that four letter word coming at us tomorrow but that too will pass & spring is here!

Have a great week wherever you are & I hope you too have spring where you are.


  1. How fun to see all your plants doing so well already after such a long winter and so much snow. They will look spectacular and you have so much to look to in the warmer days ahead.
    Here it's a different story with the big flood that ravaged all my flowerbeds again. It's exhausting and a bit discouraging but there is nothing else to do but do what I can. At 72, I'm no longer a spring chicken. lol. It's getting more difficult every year but I'll do what I can to hide the damage.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. Oooh! I was behind in my reading so now I see what you mean by the pajamas! Thank you <3