Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Snow Is Piling Up!

Today was another snow day & did the snow ever pile up & snow will continue into the morning.
The good news is Bill is snowed in at the Baltimore Airport & will be arriving tomorrow sometime to help dig me out of this winter wonderland.

The snow is now passing the fence height in the Boston terriers pen!

Bridget is not enjoying herself outside & Baxter wanted in on that fun, he likes outside!

So sorry Bridget Loree but no one can control the weather & I'm happy that you can control your bladder till you get outside!

It was two years ago today that Bill & I drove through a huge storm to pick up the Boston Terrier puppies in Keswick NB.

 Bridget Loree 8 weeks old.

Baxter Loree 8 weeks old.

The snow drifts around the house are really starting to pile up!

Bridget & Baxter watch out the dining room bay window.

The backyard is piling high with snow too with more snow overnight!

The snow at night looks like a white-sheeted ghost looking in, I close the thermal lined drapes!

The first beginners' stained glass class finished their glass project. It's so spring like!

And together they look like a beautiful tulip spring garden! Great job on your first project ladies!!

This year I took the time to make this Valentine Hanging that Liz had but the trunk for me. It was one from Whitehorse Yukon Canada at Bear Paw Quilts & their motto 'compassionate care for the quilt-addicted'. That motto makes me laugh every time I read it!

The needle punch Regatta is now afloat in water. I stitch this summer scene in the evenings when it's dark out & think of warmer days ahead.

An idea I'm trying to bring to life.
I was looking on the Hudson Bay website at a beautiful red with black stripe blanket coat & thought that's what I need here on the northeast coast then I glanced at the $795 price tag & knew that would never happen.
The more I thought about it, it's a pure wool blanket coat & I have an old woollen blanket that the dogs were using. I washed it & dried it in the dryer & it was lovely. The only problem was the holes that were chewed into the middle.

It's not the Hudson Bay stripe but an east coast stripe of greens & the body of the blanket is a creme colour. I placed the pattern pieces on it & there was enough for the front, back, hood, & if I slim the wide sleeves down it fit, so I cut out the woollen jacket.

With only this much of the $4 blanket from the Thrift shop!
Tomorrow is another snow day so I will make it a 'Sew Day' till Bill makes his way home later in the afternoon.

Thanks for popping in on this snowy day in the northeast coastline, with more snow ahead winter is coming in still & next month is March with the beginning of spring. That is so hard to believe when you look outside on days like today but I know what lies under that snow & it is going to be exciting to watch Mother Nature come to life again!

Something to think about.

Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination.
                                                                                                             William Longgood

Have a safe weekend, stay warm & cozy wherever you are.


  1. That's amazing . Happy Valentine's Day mom. XO

  2. That's an abundance of snow piled up. We have a lot of snow too. I can't wait to see the grass grow this spring and spring flowers. I love the sun today. everything looks so clean and bright outside.
    The tulip stained glass are amazing. They did a good job for their first project.

    I like the cute little valentine hanging. Your hooking project is coming along nicely.

    I saw the wool blanket on the Hudson Bay site, I can't see the justification for such a high price. I'm looking forward to seeing you model your new $4. blanket coat.

    Stay safe and warm.
    Hugs, Julia