Monday, October 22, 2018

Thinking Eight Weeks Away!

In 60 days it will be Christmas Eve and nine days till Halloween!

The weather has turned cold here & the threat of snow is mentioned this week.

                                     Even the Christmas cactus has begun to bloom!

 It does look out of place with all the fall decorating colours but that will end after Halloween & maybe the flowers will be in full bloom by then.
I've missed this plant, it arrived in June with the trailer delivery & the rest of my plants that Donny had been house sitting in Ontario.

 I only bottled beets this year & will enjoy them this winter. I'm the only one that eats beets, they're all mine! Thanks, Deb J for your recipe but I went with the Newfoundland's Bonita's recipe using brown sugar instead of white, hope they taste as good as yours!

 October's block is done for the Gnome For The Holiday's quilt, just one more November block & it can be put together!

 The Boston's are restless these days & the fun they have been having indoors is 'Take the thread & run!' These were my perle cotton embroidery threads...

                                                           This was my sewing thread...

 And this, Miss Rexton, is the one that gives the Boston's the thread! She will knock to the ground for them to take & get into trouble with me. Rexton really does have an impish side to her & denies everything, but I have seen her in action!

 This is the lap quilt I started last week. I saw it in Primitive Threads & Projects & it just talked to me! How sweet are those baskets?! It's called Woven Baskets by Laural Arestad & will finish 43"x62" just enough to cover a lap in the great room.

 I spent so much time unsewing this little quilt that is on point! It is going the right way now.
I used the curtain fabric from Mitchell's house on Childers Street for the woven beige fabric, it has faded spots on it as it's 10 years old & the dye was not stable so bonus, adds to the primitive look!

From The 12 Weeks of Christmas

I'm a couple of weeks behind but had to make this sweet wool mistletoe! The patterns are a free download from the Farmhouse Threads website for one week. A new project begins every Tuesday.

 The berries were to be glued on & glue doesn't last as long as sewing on a button. I sewed all nine white buttons with white thread.

 Then using a permanent coloured Sharpie marker, I coloured the back of the white sewn thread with the marker.

 It's a trick that Canadian landscape artist Rita Budd taught me years ago, it really works to cover up thread colour to make it vanish into the fabric colour. Give it a try sometime!

 At night, watching the Midsomer Mystery show, I work on this old project of mine. I purchased it back Wal-Mart in 1994, for $10.00, talk about UFO's,  lol Mary Maxim still sells them for $33.00!

Halloween Time!

 I love ravens & we have so many around the property here. The witch with the Blackbird Stew is one of my many favourite Jim Shore figurines.

                                  Baxter Loree still fits into his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit!

And Bridget Loree looks lovely in her sequin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltle dress. I just couldn't get her to 'sit' wearing it.

Happy Halloween! Thank you for stopping by for a visit this October day.
Have a great week, wherever you are!

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