Friday, October 12, 2018

Drop Ceiling, Flooring, Electrical, & Baseboards

                                        The drop ceiling has been framed in this week.

There will be pot lights installed in the center of the ceiling tiles making a bright hallway.

 These solid doors have been installed to meet the fire rated regulations of a commercial building.

                                        The bathroom flooring has been installed this week.
                                            The living room flooring has all been installed.

                               The bedrooms now have the electrical baseboards installed!

 With the bedroom flooring, electrical heating, & baseboards are installed. Just waiting for paint now.

                                       The kitchens are being installed & are looking great!

                    Another kitchen being installed in another apartment, with five more to go!

 There will be kickplates installed around the bottom, later posts will show a finished IKEA kitchen.

            A stainless steel ceramic glass top stove will be installed between these cupboards.

        There was be about 110 of these LED potlights installed throughout the apartment building.

 Four large hot water heaters have now been put into the room that will provide the hot water throughout the apartment.

 The water will flow when the NB Power installation is done. That will be in the next week or two.

 The electrical room is filling up with electrical boxes that will bring light & heat into the apartment.

 Each apartment has its own electrical panel box, with the breakers for that apartment.

 It all looks so neat & new, more wiring will be done within the apartment units for the air exchange units.

Francis has been the IKEA kitchen cupboard installer today, it's like an assembly line constructing all these cupboards. Interesting fact - IKEA cupboards are made in the USA!
Bill & Francis having a conversation about the apartment & parking spots that will be done next week.

The hoop laneway will e brought in closer to the centre where the water pump was installed. That will create more parking spots on the westside. Some parking will go next to Bill's shop for a handicap spot & visitors parking.

                               The view out the patio door right now with the fall foliage is gorgeous!

 These are the IKEA bathroom vanities with two drawers. They will be installed after the bathrooms are painted. Maybe next weeks post will show them installed!

 Each apartment will have its own video security system to see who is buzzing in the foyer & will be able to see who it is, talk to them, & let them in, all from their own apartment.
After the walls are painted in the apartments this system can be installed in each apartment.

Busy week again!
Thank you for stopping in for a visit to see Eel River Apartment progress.
See you next week.
Have a great weekend!

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