Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring Arrives On Tuesday!

Spring will officially arrive on Tuesday & New Brunswick sure did not get that memo!
We've so much snow now & can boast having the most snow with the last nor'easter with 25cm in one day. We will also be getting yet another nor'easter on Wednesday into Thursday.
I've been sick with a cold & I'm just getting over it now. Hopefully, with my health back, spring will arrive in full force, maybe next week?

 The snow is even higher than when these photos were taken!

 I watch them like a hawk when they are outside now. They do the 'I'm the king of the mountain' & I'm so afraid that they will just jump over the fence.

 Baxter smells the air to see what has been around our house. I'm always telling them, 'Enough, don't make me have to wear my snowshoes!'. That's the only way I could wade through snow that has snow drifts up to my shoulders!
 I'm so glad that nothing lasts & this too will pass.

Passing Time...

 This is a pillowcase to show you the colour pattern before I tore it apart & crochet it with a single crochet, into a rug. Tension must stay loose & the hook must be big to move the fabric that is cut 'two fingers width'. So easy to do & makes up very fast!

 I had some dated old poly/cotton bed sheets that I knew I would never use, so I repurposed them!

 I was really pleased with the outcome. YouTube had perfect instruction & the use of the 'hobo knot' was so easy to join the strips together.
You need a lot of sheet fabric to make a good size rug. I used 3 double flat sheets, one double fitted sheet, & two pillowcases. Baxter & Bridget just love lying on it as I move it around the rooms to capture the sun for them. It is fully washable & an old way of using up & repurposing.

Hard Winter!

 This was the mailbox before it took another pounding from the heavy wet snow.

 It is no longer worth saving after the last snow plough job, I'll take pics for the next blog. ;-(

Even the pull knob has been ripped off by the force of the moving snow!
Winter casualties of rural living.

 It is so nice when the blue skies open up & the white/grey days are brightened.

 It looks like spring will take a while to get here!

 I can't believe another storm mid week!

 Luck for me & the dogs, the snow drifts are left & right & it is like the snow waves parting in the centre!

There is so much snow that it is piled high to & above the great room window!

 I can't wait to see the Anniversary Garden this spring, it too is deep in snow with just the tops of the lilac bushes peeking through.

It has been a good winter for not having any power outages here, there, that's a positive spin! lol

 Rexton is a kitty of leisure & just loves the heat from the firebox.

 Mr Boots just can't find the comfort zone that Rexton has. lol

 It is so cosy & warm in the evenings with a fire going. The old maple tree that had to be cut down for the addition is coming in handy for us this winter.

 Remnants of Baxter & Bridget's toy & bone don't even concern the cats feeling the love of wood fire.

 Bridget & Baxter are wanting to run without freezing their wee legs off! This spring, we will be looking for boots that have slipped off on some of their runs. Dogs with skinny legs, the velcro just doesn't hold on to their boney legs.

 I tell them soon, this will all be behind us & nature will rise up from the ground once again!

 The nest that fell out of one of the evergreens last year, is the perfect spot for the organic blue egg that Bill blew out!
 I just love how the two look like they belong together and it is so spring like to view!

A Day Of Sewing

 Joan is zipping up her body pillow that we made yesterday.

 Joan had been to Scotland & purchased yardage of embroidered thistles. She was able to get six thistles cut out & used three on this pillow.
She is a world traveller & had been to Spain a few weeks ago & purchased a dark brown leather hide that was also incorporated into the pillow design all around the thistles.

The back of her pillow was a beautiful piece of wool that was purchased in Scotland too! Memories of Scotland & Spain are now the talks of her beautiful tryptic thistles in the body pillow!
It was a great day, Marva brought lasagne, homemade garlic butter for a french stick & Joan brought cheese, grapes, a pear, raspberries, cake, & chocolates for our afternoon snack.
It was a full fun productive day! Many laughs were had by all of us & Baxter & Bridget entertained the guests by being themselves! lol

 I've been working on this large flannel quilt this week. Liz (RIP) & I had purchased the fabric for the kit a few years back. She had hers made in no time. I'm just getting around to getting mine done.

It is six large - 12" x 23" panels with six matching pieced blocks that take the shape of mountains & all 12 blocks are put together with mitred corners. Six are done & I have six more to do today, then all the blocks can come together & a border around & another quilt top is finished. I just love the deep dark rich colours of this quilt top.

The block of the week is somewhat behind, I'll post those blocks at the end of the week.
It really has a spring look to it with the wheelbarrow block that I'm finishing up now, then the strawberry trellis, & this week's watering can with flowers inside it.

It is hard to stay positive with all this snow & more snow coming at us again.

I started decorating for Easter & will take some photos to share with you when I'm done.

Enjoy your week, stay happy & healthy as spring is arriving on Tuesday!!

The days are longer now with the clocks springing forward last weekend & the sun is nice & warm when it is shining.

Just this snow...

Thank you for taking the time to visit this snowing part of north east Canada & do come back to see the change as spring is soon to arrive!

Have a great week!

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