Monday, August 7, 2017

First Week Of August!

It is now August, I have heard the cicada bug... in 1 1/2 months summer will end & autumn will begin. Grandpa Haynes had told me as a child, 'The first sound of the cicada bug, 6 weeks later, you will have your first frost.' And that was always true in southwestern Ontario but in my 8 years here it is more like 7-8 weeks, till the first frost. Maybe it's because I live next to the water, it's always warmer at the shore, in the fall. No other time though, it's always cooler!

Bill & Nicholas arrived on Friday, August 4th. And Nick was so happy with his 14 1/2 hour drive to get here because..

Nicholas loves Mustangs too!

The new 2017 has many of Bill's 1970 - MACH I features.
He had purchased a 2017 GT Mustang on Wednesday, knowing he would drive it to New Brunswick & followed his Dad that drove the truck full of 'things' for me & the house.
 What a beautiful car!!! And he's leaving it here for me this month. Oh my, I get nervous just thinking of stone chips with all the construction going on right now. It may be my grocery getter & going to the mailbox! lol

So far this month has had a huge high & low of emotion.
On the 4th, my good friend Liz Vincent died from cancer. She was told on June 17th that she would have 2 months to live with no treatment. She had 4 radiation treatments the following week. She knew she was fighting a losing battle but just wanted a bit more time. I flew back to be with her for one day & on July 22nd, I spent the morning & the afternoon with her. My heart is heavy at the void that wonderful woman has left me & so much more that loved her. The trunk she wanted me to have arrived for me, in New Brunswick the day she died. Bitter sweet Liz, rest in peace. Liz will always be a better piece of me, I admired her so much!

Wedding Bells At The Shore~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Then our next-door neighbour's granddaughter, from Ontario,  was married in their backyard.
A Beautiful day was their day!

 These photos were taken in the early morning of the wedding day on August 5th.

 The tent had a hardwood type floor installed for the dining & dancing.

 The timing was perfect, a thunderstorm the day before & a huge thunderstorm the day after!

 The tent was ready for any kind of weather. A company from Moncton sets it up the day before & removes it 2 days after.

 The washrooms were located close by & Bill & I viewed the back of them from our bed. lol
And Bill & I fell asleep to the sound of the bass music that played well after midnight.
The rain started then & continued into all the next day.
The timing of this wedding could not have been better!

Napan Fair Entry - Fancy Dress

 This is for wee Alexa, she too has a Boston terrier & I thought this would be ideal...
Then I noticed that I had sewn the zipper in backward!!

 And the slip was done inside out!!! Grrr - Alexa now has a play dress & the little ginger will look adorable whilst she plays!
I made another dress, a little more fancy, will show it next post.

 The green, green grass of home, is beginning now, the rain has brought the seed to life!

 Nestled in the trees is a wasps nest. It is way down the laneway & is a hub of activity.

 It is said that wasps eat caterpillars & there are a lot of the web nests on the trees.

Landscapers Working~~~~~

 The large concrete urn was installed in the backyard. The two cement pads will be the marker for next septic cleaning.
 Bill, JT from Pennsylvania, & Nick did the job! It was a heavy job to do & finally got done.
  See the porta-potties between the trees? lol
 JT is visiting with Nick till the weekend. More company will be arriving today & tomorrow, it will be a full house for sure! Nick & his visitors will be going to the Carroll Cottage.

 It really is a beautiful cement urn. We purchased it in London, then took it to our Florida property, brought it back to London, then finally here to stay!

Today was a sunny & windy day. I love windy days because those days blow the mosquitoes away!

Strange Sighting?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 When I looked out the great-room window, I saw so many birds, just like the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds.
 See them on the wires, the roof top?

 So many birds & when I wanted to show Bill, every bird was gone! I showed him these pictures & he too was amazed by all the birds!

 The birds were even on the tree!

 Even the guide wire going to the ground has birds all over it!

 Birds were just sitting on the side roof too, hundreds of birds!

 Mr. Boots is a sweet cat when he is asleep but when he's awake...

Mr. Boots will terrorize the puppies & will not let them into a room. He will lay in the big doorways & growl to let Bridget & Baxter know that he means business! Mr. Boots has attacked both puppies & now they're terrified of this cat.

 Rexton is ruffed up every day from the puppies, she likes the attention she gets & plays well with the puppies. Good attention, bad attention, she just likes the attention!  She's a bad girl.

She likes to ruff up Mr. Boots & makes him cry out when she bites his ears. Crazy pets, they all make me laugh out loud!

 This plant has come to life with blooms! Sandy, the person that presented it to me, will be arriving on Sunday. I can't wait to show it to her.

 I was able to harvest some lavender off the only plant that survived the winter here.

 I love the colour & scent of lavender!

The sunsets here are just so beautiful here! Different every night & each one so unique to the last.
You know what kind of day you'll have the next day. Red sky at night is a sailor's delight!

Have a great week, wherever you are.
Thanks for visiting & I'll show you the Napan Agricultural Fair & maybe another beautiful sunset!


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  1. I'm so sorry about the passing of your best friend. It was awful quick. May she rest in peace.

    Thee's always a lot of activity at your house and your red plant looks amazing. So beautiful and your lavender did splendid. I lost mine a few winters ago.

    Wow, I wonder what brings all those birds. I remember when we grew fields of corn, we had thousand of black birds and starling eating the corn and also raccoons. It wasn't profitable for us so we quit growing corn.

    That big concrete urn sure did a lot of travelling. It will be glad to find a forever home. Nice car. It must be fun to drive.

    I've been working myself to exhaustion. I'm ready for bed.
    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia