Friday, August 11, 2017

Deck Raings Installed

The second week of August is almost done!
Summer has reached its height now & I hear the cicada singing everyday.

 Before the deck railings...

 And now after the railings!

The railings really finished off the deck corner of the house. And some of the grass is coming up too!

 Bill installed the owl bird house on top of the clothesline pole again.

 The tractor is the ladder of choice for using when height & stability is needed. The two grape vines in the pots were planted under the guide wire.

 How sweet is that owl birdhouse?! Thank Sweetheart! And the swallows thank you too!! XO

 Baxter really enjoys trying to get the 'goodies' out of his Tuffy.

 Bridget enjoys her Tuffy too!

Archery In The Afternoon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 It was a gorgeous afternoon for the people that were doing & learning archery.
 Nick was teaching my girlfriend Paulette archery, she really enjoyed doing it!

 Summer Games!

 The puppies taking in the afternoon sun.

 Bill carrying the puppies in their life vests.

 Nick made a nice bon fire on the beach. The fire ban was lifted & an 8 am -  8 pm fire was permitted.
 It was time for the beach & the life jackets were put on the pups. They now know that the PFD means it's beach time!

 Nick building the bon fire with a seaweed sizzle.

 What a great day at the beach!

 The kayak was pulled out & Mike was the first one to paddle in the water!

 Smiling at me were JT & Mike, have fun boys!

 Into the water...

 Everyone into the water!

 Paddle away Mike!

 Bridget loved her day at the beach too!

 Something had an interesting smell. lol

 Bill with the Bostons.


 Swimming lessons.

 Nicholas tries the kayak for the first time!

 Look at the smiles!

 Nick enjoyed the kayak too!

 Now it was Bill's turn to try that kayak!

 He took to it like a duck in water!

 It was a fun day had by all!

 The five wearing their World Of Warcraft Guild T-Shirts!

 Nick, Bill, Mike, JT, & Sara, the World Of Warcraft Guild members that attended this weekend.

 JT, laying down had a lot of firsts this week, his flight from Pennsylvania was his first time in a plane & he has the fear of heights too! Well done JT!!

 Nick drove everywhere with his car, if anything was needed at the store or an errand run was needed, he was the willing driver!

A Guild Photo.

 I will miss all of you! Stay safe & see you next year! Family excluded! lol

 Hello, Baxter & Bridget!

 Dave, my brother from another mother, plays with Bridget & her teddy bear.

 Mmmm lobster!

 Good night Rexton!

 A few sunsets this week...

 Everyone enjoyed the awesome sunsets each night!

 I'm so happy to have the railings done this week.

Next week the asphalt driveway is being done, that will really finish the front of the house!

Have a wonderful safe weekend, wherever you are!

Loving Summer,


  1. Wow, you are so lucky to have the beach so close to your house and that deck is going to get a lot of use. What a fun time it will be.

    It looks so nice and new. My deck is falling into disrepair and I've only used it a few time this summer.

    Nice pictures of the family and friends enjoying the beach including the puppies.You must be so happy that things are getting done so fast. Next year will be even better. Things are coming together so nicely.

    Enjoy the rest of August.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. The Cicadas are out in force here in Ontario - now that it has stopped raining. So glad for you that you had the chance to visit with your friend Liz before her passing, and as an extra bonus we all got to visit with you too! As always, your pics help us keep in touch with your active family life - enjoy the "dog days" of summer ;)