Wednesday, March 15, 2017

And Another Storm

We had another nor'easter last night. And I just cleared up my snow plow account... I'm back on the books again. I cannot get out with a good plow though & he does such a great job clearing. I really don't like shovelling either & I don't have that much once he leaves. Thank you Allen.

Yes the snow was deep & heavy, we even had a drizzling of rain today. This is the front yard, there's 800 feet of laneway to get to the main road.
 It was a mild day so I took Bridget & Baxter out & kept them out whilst I cleared away the heavy snow in front of the garage door. They had their outdoor jackets on but still do not like being out.

The winds were very strong last night & have allowed some of the grass to show. I can't wait to see the bulbs push through but this snow has to leave first. April showers will start in a couple of weeks...
Followed by the May flowers! :-)

 These little 10 day old pups, have grown up so much!! They're 12 weeks old now & I'm still potty training. The night training is done, so that's a bonus & laundry is being washed as much as a few weeks ago. I feel we're slowly,  moving in the right direction. lol

 This is our typical morning greeting, they don't want to leave their warm beds. I have to do a lot of coaching but it's usually a cat or two walking by that makes them move!

Baxter is so laid back, look at his arm hanging over the basket & Bridget uses him for warmth!

Bridget looks like she's stick her tougue out at me & Baxter, just chillin'. lol

 I love this photo of Baxter & Bridget, it's like she's hanging on to her big brother. He likes to move away from her because she's mean to him & has had his face bit daily,  in rough play.

I sent in a wee quilt to the McDougall Cottage 2017 Wee Quilt Challenge, the show opens April 12th.
The last time I entered was in 2008, wow where does the time go? It was a fun quilt, I'll post the process, once it's up on the wall in the cottage.

 Patriotic Barn
I finished this BOM from Primitive Gatherings. It's a free quilt pattern each month but will have the USA flag in the block. On the barn, I'm putting in our Canadian flag.

My Three Sons~~~~~~~

They are all at work with elevators,  the same day, in different province's.

Mitchell in Calgary

Nicholas in Brampton

Donald in Oakville
Their dad was in China at the time, working on product development for an elevator, for Canada.
I'm so proud of all of them & their achievements. I was 14 years old when my dad made his first wheelchair elevator. He is now, smiling down on all of them. Everything for a reason, it just doesn't make sense at the time.
It has been great watching time unfold for each one of them in the elevator industry. 

I hope everything is unfolding for you too, in a positive way!

The wonderful feeling of spring is just around the corner & Easter with all these guys is getting     closer!  I've not had the boys all  together,  since 2004.  Long over due & it will be fun to have all their dynamics & antics! And the puppies first Easter too!

Stay Safe, Stay Warm.

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  1. Hi Cynthia, we got that same storm and I'm glad it's over . The snow was so heavy here too.

    Those little babies look so spoiled. They're having a pretty good life.

    How sweet that all the boys will be home for Easter.
    Nothing like having all the family together inn one place.

    That little country barn square is so cute. I love how you used the fabric for the hay bales on each side of the barn. Very creative.

    Take care and stay safe nd warm.