Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Has Arrived

 Fall has arrived here on the east coast. The days a warm & sunny but the nights are getting chilly. I'm getting better at making a fire in the wood stove to take the chill out of the evening air & cozy the cottage up with the warmth of the fire.

The furry kids sleep a lot in the areas that have sun. I noticed old Tom cat's 'battle scar' as the sun shone down on him,  making his ear seem transparent.

 I remember the opening of that nasty slice done on his ear years ago & the scabbing over for such a long time. He was a tuffy in his glory days. lol

 Heather & I were in town shopping &we both purchased coats for our short haired boys.  Boris do you want to try your coat on? Yes you do. lol

 This was on sale for $6 & the arm badge tells you when the temp is cold?! Duhh... I put a coat on him because it's cold.

 He is more comfortable when the hood is clipped back & he can see.
Boris will NOT move if he has his boots on, so we just don't keep him outside long & he wears his jacket or sweater, when the weather is really cold. He got a new coat because I forgot to bring any out this spring. I was thinking 'summer at the cottage'.

This isn't Boris but could be...only this Boston Terrier will move with his boots on! For treats!!


Getting ready for winter. The wee cottage gets a new roof, a lot of it was removed with the winds from Arthur on July 5th. A blustery day. Hoping for a good winter & early spring!

Elizabeth & I were thrift store shopping & I found this sweet felted pillow. How cozy will that be on your back on a cool day?

What a good find!
I personalized the front with a lightly stuffed, wool applique of Boris' silhouette.

Nice accent piece to the Star Crazy quilt.

Afternoon sunbathing...
Rexton joins in for some afternoon sun.
She's so curious & is watching my watch shimmer from moving around taking the pictures.
Tommy couldn't care less, he only has one eye & is only interested in feeling the afternoon sun on him & wishes this kid would get lost.  lol
Bose feels the sun on her as she's curled up in a wing-back chair.
And on the this chair too, same pose different chair.

Rexton Update

Heather & I were in town yesterday & when we entered the cottage several hours later....

My white perle cotton thread was everywhere!!!

 Boris knew it was wrong ...but something tells me he dared Rexton on to do it! lol

 I didn't know where the thread started...
 Or ended...
 It stuck to the woven mats like they were Velcro!
 It was strung around everything...
 As I started to wind it up, the cats just watched the movement.
 Rexton thought it was great & tried to grab hold of the fine embroidery thread.
 I wound & wound it. First I tried doing it on a button.
 The button didn't work.
Then I found one of Rexton's toys & removed the feathers & used the foam ball to wrap the thread around.
 And around...
And around, the thread was everywhere...
And around everything! 
Finally it was on the green sponge ball & I found the original spool under or should I say 'around' the dogs food & water dish!

What a saying...While the cat's away?!!!
Rexton sure has livened up my days.
Heather shot me an email to say she couldn't help laughing all the way home! She said it was like a cartoon, seeing the thread strung everywhere.

Sewing Accomplishments...Nothing finished yet! lol

 This is a small wall hanging called The Mistletoe Skaters. I was using the white perle cotton to sew the berries onto the mistetoe.
It will finish at 14 1/2" x 14 1/2". It's a kit that I picked up at the Quilts of England Quilt Show. Cynthia & I enjoyed viewing it  last spring in Alisa Craig ON.
This wallhanging will have black binding added to it.

My neighbour Izzy has taught me how to make these snowflakes with beads in them!
These two are a,metallic white
After you crochet them, you put them if 'Stiffy' to stiffen them up & pin them into place till dry.

For a rustic look, I've been crocheting Hemp thread stars for my son Mitchell's Christmas tree.

I also taught myself through the YouTube, to do hexagon sqaures.

It's still a work in progress...I used the leftover fabric from the Star Crazy quilt. It was a lot easier that I thought it be! I'm going to make a small placemat. And Izzy made a queensized quilt using this technique! I enjoyed hearing her stories of all the fabric used in it. The quilt just came alive as she spoke of her mother making aprons from this fabric or her telling how she made a blouse in high school with this fabric. Such stories, such memories!

Still painting...
I painted the downstairs bathroom...twice.
The first time had too much colour in it so I took the paint back to Home Hardware & had 2 full shots of white added to the existing paint & added the 2nd coat. The room has a much better feel to it now.
I still have 6 more windows to paint. Grrrrr nearly there. :-) 

 This morning a truck load of gravel finally arrived to cover dirt that was spread at the beginning of the month, 6 dumptruck loads! Now the dirt is coming into the cottage on Boris' feet & my shoes& it is muck when it rains!
Mitchell will be here soon to help me spread it where it's needed.

I'm really pleased with this wreathe, it was a thrift store find!
It has the look of's plastic!! With magnets, I've hung it with rope securing it upper & lower. Now the wind can & will blow & the wreathe stays in place.

Now with fall in place, I'm going to enjoy the fresh sunny days - with NO mosquitoes!
And natures display of plaid like colours.

Thanks for stopping in.

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  1. You're still doing a lot of work at the cottage. I had a good chuckle with seeing the big ball of thread all over everywhere. Just winding all that thread into that big ball was a lot of work.

    Pretty soon all the major yard work will be done at the cottage and you will be able to enjoy having no dirt coming in on Boris feet.

    Your Mistletoe Skaters looks lovely and so your little hexagon quilt pieces.
    I love your wreath. A nice Autumn touch and I like the way you secured it.You always think of a way.

    Sometime I'd love to be a cat and just take life easy like your cats.

    Pretty soon it will be time to decorate for Halloween, yikes. How time flies.
    I'm nursing a cold. I seldom get colds but it never fails if I get over tired, I catch one every time.