Monday, April 21, 2014

Wonderful Family Easter

Alice, this picture is for you! We missed not having our 'Aunt Alice' with us this Easter. Alice had every intention of joining us on Easter but she was ill the night before her travel day of 8 hours on the train & stayed home to get much needed rest. You were spoke of fondly & it was great talking to you on the phone but you were much missed by all of us here in Ontario.

 I came across these handmade pottery knife holders in Quebec City back in 2006 when I did my Trois Pistol summer schooling. I was going to learn French that year & I did learn much talking & writing in French, however it is true, the rule, of 'use it...or loss it!' I now have the memory of much fun as a student that summer & my knife holders. lol

 Nicholas surprised Bill & his mom Eva with a belated birthday cake...Oh and Happy Easter! to the rest of us! Cousin Ann enjoyed a slice of that cake! Ice Cream, oh the taste of summer! Bring it on!! We finally! had such a beautiful day here in Southwestern Ontario.

 My in-laws, Eva & John rejoiced in the day too.

 Bill & Eva with their Dairy Queen, birthday, ice cream cake. I love ice cream & grew up with a Dairy Queen in our neighbourhood, which I frequented often! It's now a Tim Horton's coffee shop but my happy, ice cream memories remain. Yummy!

 Nicholas made sure to dodge all my camera shots...but his presence is here! He helped clear the table & in the confusion of everyone leaving I never noticed this till everyone was gone! You see Nick likes to see things orderly, lined up & together. When he shared his bedroom with his brother Mitchell, there were a lot of disagreement to how their room should be. Nick threw all of Mitch's thing out of the bedroom one day to make his point. Maybe not a good idea putting those two together but rooms were short back in the day! lol Bill & I still laugh when we reminisce when the boys were little & how different they were then...and now.

 My girlfriend Paulette gave me very colourful fat quarters for Christmas one year & I made this Art To Heart tablerunner from it. Oh so joyful on this spring day to see such colour.

Eva always brings chocolate, yum! I hold on to it as long as I can without eating it. It lasted till fall last year, I finally needed a chocolate fix.  I broken the rabbit into pieces & put it into silicone cupcake cups, to coat just the bottom, silicone will not stick, you just wait till it cools into the round shape & pop it out!  I melted down the dark chocolate rabbit & added whole almonds to the melted mixture, oh my goodness was it good. Elizabeth & I enjoyed what I called 'homemade almond bark'. Yummy chocolate, I just love dark cocoa chocolate! Yum. And it is said that it's good for you too! lol yes I know moderation is the key but when you want chocolate...have a friend to share it with!

Well with Easter now over, enjoy spring, it's a season of new hope as we watch Mother Earth come back to life with all her budding & flowering as the ground begins thaw & come to life again. Lush greens on the lawns will return to enjoy & enjoy them as the weather to come this summer in southwestern Ontario, is predicted to be above summer temperatures. After this winter...bring it on!
And remember the hottest day on the coldest night next winter.

I hope everyone had a joyous Easter with your family. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog Cynthia.

    Happy Earth Day.

    The water level has gone down a bit but there is still some danger of flooding still. We are supposed to get rain and it all adds up to the level.
    We have run off water in our basement but we're pumping as it comes in.

    Thanks for sharing your Easter celebration with us. It sounded like lots of fun. Sorry about your aunt Alice not feeling well. I hope she's on the mend.

    We celebrated very low key as I was feeling tired although we were invited to our daughter's house, I decided to stay home to rest.

    With us working and having to shower and take the trip up town after work and unsure when we'll be done. I hate to make the family wait for us as anything can happen at the farm.