Sunday, April 27, 2014

Loose Ends...All Tied Up! & Rugs & Quilt

 I've been trying to get my loose ends all tied up, since the snow has finally disappeared & spring has arrived.  The task of making roman shades to keep the very hot, very direct sun of summer out of the house. With blinds in place the central air will not have to work as hard & hopefully the bills will be lower too!

The fabric that I used, I've had for years but now it has a purpose! I sewed for days to make a roman shade for the office(Maple Leaf Plaid), the kitchen oval window (black/white toile), the hoop window at base of the back staircase(same black/white toile as the kitchen)& the back, side steel door window (black/white check).

 I just love this toile, it has a cream background & the scenes of country life.
 With all the blinds sewing done, all I have to do is wait for Bill to get home to help me install them!

  With this tennis elbow I've no strength for installing the eye screws to the wood, & I don't use the chop saw, needed to cut the wood down to fit the blind. Handsome & handy is my husband!

 He also stapled the blinds to the wood & made comment on 'how he enjoys us working together on projects', I'd be lost without him!

I bought a spool of the string, I use to buy it by the meter & then it was such a mess to untangle & it was really just a guesstimate to know how much one would use on any blind. With the regular cost of .25 cents a meter,  I purchased a spool at Fabricland last month, during their 50% of sale, bonus!

 The tape sewn on the back is so much easier than sewing on the rings. I was first introduced to the tape from my girlfriend Nicola, in England back in 2003 & have used it ever since. There is also a line in the tape to put a small dowel inside to help the blind hold its shape. Really quite clever, just three lines of sewing per tape & your done!

 Here's the hoop window at the base of the back staircase, this large beauty really brings in the mid-morning sun. The wall is going to be painted a very soft shade of's on my round to it list. Mitchell & I painted it in this heritage paint colour in 2003.

 The office overlooks the Thames River & a park, so I wanted a clear view out. With the shade pulled up that is now possible.

 And with the shade down, the Maple Leaf fabric can be enjoyed. This fabric was designed to celebrate Canada's Centennial year in 1967.

 As Bill pulls the string through the shade...he has help from Tommy, our cat.
 Bill pulls & Tommy helps. lol Tommy's 15 years old & still likes to play.
 They really were fun to watch, so I just had to get a few pictures in.

 Here's a view of the string put through the shades, then through the top screw rings.

 I painted this oval window trim before the shade installation.

 Here it is fully down & can this window ever bring in the morning sun! For years I've used a tension rod & a cafe curtain to block the summer sun.

 Now with the blind fully up after the morning sun, there's no drapery hanging down onto the counter top.

My job now is to braid the string & install rings for each section of tape that has been sewn on. I use O rings & a screw or cleat to hold it in position, for the pleat height wanted. Lots of braiding to do this week. lol

 I was surprised last Thursday evening at our monthly 'Sew What's' get together, when Lou, a fellow quilter gave me these little gems for the cottage. It's a wee bell pull and several coasters...from Cheticamp! A place that I will visit one of these years, all the rug hookers speak of it! many have been there too!

 These little coasters looked so good when I placed them together, that I'm going to make them a hot plate holder. With just using a whip-stitch to hold them all together.

 This vintage hooked rug was given to me by my fellow quilter girlfreind, Cynthia  last month! This is the front side of it, it's in need of some repair. I plan on doing that at the cottage this summer.

This is the backside of the rug, you can see that this rug has had a lot of use but I plan on bringing it back to life by repairing the edge with a whip-stitch over nylon rope & some Briggs & Little grey wool & some new rug binding. My girlfriends have been so thoughtful to think of me & the cottage with these vintage pieces... Maybe one day they will come out to visit me. ;-)


Mitchell's Quilt is back from the longarm quilter & I've put the binding on! Another loose end all tied up!

 I love the black maple leaf pattern on this quilt. Oh Canada! This one is Alberta bound!

 The quilt pattern stopped at the block repeat...I added a black sashing & more blocks & animal wildlife borders.

 It will be a house warming gift for Mitchell's new home in Elnora Alberta.

Here's a close up of the maple leaves peaking out of the creme fabric. I'm so pleased with this quilt  & enjoyed sewing the binding on. A big hug & thank you!  to you  Liz, for doing such a wonderful job on the quilting!

Well, thank you for stopping by & I hope you enjoyed your visit of my much productive week. My health is returning & it sure feels good to be able to do things again!
Have a great week everyone! Health & happiness to all. :-)


  1. Cynthia, you are unbelievably creative and busy and come up with so many projects, I don't know how you do it.
    Your home is always a showcase.

    I hope that the weather warms up soon. It's been cold and damp and my gardens needs some clean up. I love your Roman shades and that maple leaf quilting. Great jobs on everything.

  2. Glad you like the vintage mat :) I finally found the rug tape to help with it's repair.