Sunday, April 13, 2014

Annie Dress & Easter Decorations

 I've finally discovered what the white streaks were in the sky...the X marks the spot to where the jet streams from the planes have made. It was an awe moment for me that morning! lol

 Tommy, the 15 yr old cat, has been enjoying the warm weather these days.
 Look at how white his chin is, he's looking up at birds chirping in the trees. He has only one working eye but his ears are still keen. Look up...look way up & I'll call Rusty! You have to be a certain age to remember the Friendly Giant!

 Squirrel too is enjoying being out these days too & his fur is no longer white like the winter snow!

 He sure has ate a lot of nuts this winter. It was his 10th birthday on April 4th, I think it's safe to say he's the oldest squirrel in the neighbourhood!

I've been spending time twice a week at Ealing Public School for the past month, helping children read, then I found out that their doing an Annie play next month! Well I expressed how much I enjoyed Annie & in 1983 I made the 3ft doll & dog for my daughter & every outfit I made her stuffed Annie doll I made the same outfit for her! I was then asked if I could help out & make a Annie dress for the play.

 You have to love Annie!

 Here's the dress, ready to hand hem.

Here it is hemmed & it just needs a good pressing with the iron.
This time making the dress I lined the skirt, with lining & tulleing  to give it more body.
 Such a sweet little grade 4 girl is going to play Annie. I hope she likes her new dress!

This Good Friday family is arriving in London, to celebrate the Easter weekend.

I just love rabbits, so here are a few that I've brought out to decorate with!

 I purchased this one years ago at Eatons Department Store, in The Wellington Square Mall, I still miss that store!

 Here's the Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit, so sweet.

 Vintage Avon chicks & a snow globe, a wee rabbit tea set with cart are displayed on the tea cart.

 A rabbit holding a tree full of Easter chicks & eggs

 Rabbits, rabbits, did I mention how much I love rabbits!

 Here a rabbit...
 There a rabbit...
 A stained glass rabbit I made years ago & a babushka rabbit egg!
 Everywhere a rabbit! lol   Happy Easter Rabbits!
 Even Lucy the Goose is in her 'rabbit' costume!

 Rabbits on the front door wreath too!

I've to make a trip to the Dollar Store to find a costume for Boris, for my next post!
He's going to make a adorable rabbit!

Have a great week leading up to this Easter Weekend!

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  1. Cool X in the sky, it was made especially for you because you are so special...
    I didn't know that squirrels lived that long, I know we have lots around here and they can be quite the pest sometimes. They have destroyed so many bird feeders.

    Bless your heart for volunteering at school and helping kids read and make that Annie dress, it's just beautiful. I hope that you enjoy the play too.

    I love bunnies too and you just reminded me to take mine out of storage, Easter is coming fast.

    Enjoy you Easter celebrations.